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18 May 2010 @ 08:09 pm
And while we danced in the Hall of the Lights...  
...we've always been out of our minds! (Tom Waits, "Raindogs," btw)

Here we go:

Yes, it got opened with the Koreans' image of Julius Caesar again. Because I still giggle every time I see these stories.

I was feeling dried up, and so I decided to go look through my writing folder. Most of the stuff is posted, oddly enough (for me, at least). About half of it is the start to some very long things, and I don't want to do that--I'm truly terrible at finishing stuff--and a lot of it I don't know what to do with. A little earlier I proposed doing The Adventures of Black. Aka some vaguely pointless shit involving the Black family.

There's one I started involving lots of Sirius, Regulus, and Alphard, but it's another one that promises to be multiple chapters. In a way I don't think that's a good idea; still, maybe I can just write all of it, then post it bit by bit. It could have plenty of brotherly bonding! There was another proposal I made about writing something involving an instance mentioned in another story about Sirius and Regulus having a half-playful physical altercation and falling down the foyer stairs, but I'm not entirely sure how to stretch that into anything substantial.

Also, I called Sirius "Snow White" in a story back in August; I suppose I could do crossover-artwork with that, maybe? I have a couple drawings that I started back when I still owned Photoshop (ever since restoring my computer, my system won't accept my bootlegged copy >.<) and I think I could probably redo them in marker, but I'm hesitant about that. It seems lately that every time I try to colour something I mess up three or four times, and I can't even afford a new sketchbook at the moment, let alone the extra cardstock that is necessary for marker drawings.

The other thing: I'm opening my shop soon, and I've decided to sell the originals of my fanart, since I wouldn't be able to do so at a convention; they neither look like anime, nor are they instantly recognizable as Harry Potter characters (seeing how I get bored with uniforms fairly quickly.) I'm considering selling a very limited number of poster-sized prints, if people are interested. (and since I'm not entirely sure many people read these general posts of mine, I'll probably mention it again in actual art posts...) It's not actually against the rules at Etsy, and I have no intention of making hundreds of dollars off these; However, I'm rather pressed for money and haven't been doing enough quality original work completely with that.

As it is, the stuff I have that's worth selling is photography; when I get a decent amount of stuff online, I'll totally link to my LJ.