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28 July 2020 @ 11:49 pm
The Masterlist  
Updated: 2/7/2012

Teh Fic Masterlist!

All Harry Potter, Queer as Folk, and Weiss Kreuz belong to their respective owners; I make no profits from the fanfiction or artwork.

This list probably won't be updated every time I upload something new. I'd say every month or two.

Since this is also the first post seen on the page, I'll make the note that, while all writing and art is made public, the rest is friend-locked. However, if you do wish to friend me, I ask that you tell me who you are/where you found me, and there's a good chance I'll friend you back.

"Rebel Prince" Series

Rebel Prince [PG] When Emmet's parents reject him, he leaves everything he knows in hopes of clearing his head and meets a handsome photographer with an interest in him.

Go or Go Ahead [drabble]

Without You [drabble]

Prices [PG] "When accepted as a lover, it was accepted that Dorian was fickle."

Bösendorfer [G] "If I promise not to peak, will you get from behind me and just lead me there?"

[Untitled] [PG-13] Dorian finds out that Emmet hasn't broken up with his previous boyfriend.


Aaron [PG-13; Victorian England] Opium-addict Gabriel is taken in by his brother, Aaron; a scene between them

Below [G] Life through the eyes of one of St. Vitus' gargoyles.

Runner [PG] A man attempts to run from the devil after he sold his soul.

The Other Side of the Bar [PG] "It was quite a different experience, watching everything from the other side of the bar."

The Root of the Problem [G] "The Problem took root when Lasara declared Igna's secession from the Confederacy...." An attempt at high fantasy...








Harry Potter

Ten Years [PG-13; Regulus/Barty Jr.] Ten years, ten drabbles. Regulus, age 9 to 18.


Advice [PG; Remus/Sirius] Sirius makes a confession to James.

Approval [PG; Remus/Sirius] When he's invited to spend the last week of holiday in London, Remus decides it's time to tell his parents that he and Sirius are in love. An investigation seems to be in order.

The Box [PG-13; Regulus/Barty Jr, small bit of Grindeldore] All the memories Barty has left of his boyhood lover fit in a shoebox.

Fire and Snow [PG-13; Regulus/Barty Jr] It was snowing when they first met the year before. At the time he had believed that Barty had run into him by accident, causing the books and homework the older boy was holding to scatter across the snow. It was a naivete that he would quickly grow out of; Barty Crouch never did anything by accident. Prompt: So you tried to put out the fire / But you used gasoline

By Ministry Standards [PG; Remus/Sirius] The Ministry is very good at squashing career plans.

Confession [PG; Remus/Sirius, one-sided Lily/Remus] Lily gets a disappointment and James takes an oath.

For the Future [PG; Remus/Sirius] Sirius gets shocked into reality.

Ice and Stars [G; Remus/Sirius] Sirius and Remus enjoy a winter night. Quite fluffy.

In Six Words [G; Remus/Sirius] Remus and Sirius talk about perception, James and Lily, and relationships. Really, a "Remus/Sirius moment."

Just Friends [G; Remus/Sirius] Sirius "saves" Remus from an overly-interested girl, and has to remind himself of the nature of their relationship.

My Calm Serenity [G; Remus/Sirius] "Remus is a beautiful spring day, full of calm serenity. James is a hot, summer day, where everybody is happy and playful. But I don't know about myself."

No Reason at All [PG; Regulus/Barty Jr., hints at Remus/Sirius] "Everything in his mind, like his room, is neat, organized, logical. Logically, it makes sense that he could feel this way. And yet somehow there's little logic in it at all."

Nudging [PG; Remus/Sirius] James decides it's time to take matters into his own hands.

One of Life's Ironies [PG; Remus/Sirius] Remus allows himself a risk.

Photographs [G] It doesn't happen often, but the beach house had been bought for the purpose of taking the boys there, since it was good for children to get a little salt air in their lungs." Another Black!fic, and quite lighthearted, too.

Time [G; Remus/Sirius] The obligatory post-Azkaban fic, in which Sirius goes to stay with Remus. Awkwardness ensues.

Walburga [G] A slightly different, if not a little short, perspective on Sirius' mother. Because it needs to be done.

What Brothers Do [G; Remus/Sirius] Regulus informs Sirius about a nasty rumor involving him and James Potter.

When I Grow Up [PG-13; Remus/Sirius] Sirius never wanted anyone to know what he wanted to be when he grew up when he was a child. Slight silliness.


The Absence of Fear [PG-13; Remus/Sirius] One of those darn long-term, through-the-years, how-they met fics.

Mercurial [PG-13; eventual Remus/Sirius] A play on the Snow White theme; hints of filicide, and as you might expect a somewhat crazy Walburga. An attempt on my part at dark!fic

Transformations [PG; Remus/Sirius] Sirius achieves his first transformation, but it's not the only change happening. I really have no better summary.


Druella   [G; Druella Black]

Chat de Noir [G; Regulus Black]

Community Banner & Original [G; Regulus/Barty Jr]

Crouch and Black [G; Regulus/Barty Jr]

Leo [G; Bellatrix (Black) Lestrange]

Cancer [G; Barty Crouch Jr]

Libra [G; Narcissa (Black) Malfoy]

Virgo [G; Regulus Black]

Bella "Villa" Poster [G; Bellatrix (Black) Lestrange]

Regulus [G; Regulus Black]

Bedhead [PG; Regulus Black]

The Fool [G; Regulus Black]

The Empress [G; Narcissa (Black) Malfoy]

Femme Fatale [G; Bellatrix (Black) Lestrange]

Queer as Folk
One Shots

Crisis [PG; Brian/Justin; Post-513]
"...there are worse ways he could be reaffirming his youth"

Decision [PG; Brian/Justin, Post-513] 'Justin wishes that for once, something between himself and Brian could be easy, but it's like the universe has decreed that they should fight tooth and nail to get what they want...''

Distraction [PG; Brian/Justin; Post-513] “And just as healthy. Three days, Justin?”

Horsepower [NC-17ish; Brian/Justin, some Ethan/Justin and Conner James/Justin; Season 3 to Post513] I'm not a car person, and never have been. I wonder it's because it is Brian's...

Something Like Normal [PG-13; Brian/Justin; Season 3] As we walk down the street, I decide that it's not so bad, being mostly unemployed—I've always got the diner—and probably in deep shit with the school. After all, I could be back listening to violin music, or consuming two packs a day in depression, or any of the other equally horrible possibilities from the past six months or so.

Snowstorm [PG-13; Brian/Justin] Snowpocolypse fic with a twist; basically, what happened around here.

To Define [G; Brian Justin; Season 1] Brian thinks about what his relationship with Justin is.

Warm [NC-17; Brian/Justin; Post-513] It's a rare peaceful mood they're both in, seeming to give and take equally...

Won't Lost Again [NC-17ish; Brian/Justin; 309] : ...the blond currently has The Look on his face. It's not a regretful look, not quite, although he almost wonders. But Brian has seen it before, so often during the end of their last run, that he feels a sudden constriction of fear in his chest.

Weiss  Kreuz

On the Way Out [G; Crawford/Schuldig] 7 100-word drabbles, which all connect together to make a plot. Pre-pre-series (um...origins fic?)

Cats and Kittens [G] Crawford thinks that Schuldig is like a cat.

The Present [G; Crawford/Schuldig] He never liked to dwell on the future

Love [G; Crawford/Schulidg] He's afraid he's in love.

Bubbles [G] Crawford had to have known the consequences of buying them bubble tea; he always knew the consequences.

Rosy Hue [G] It was a reminder. Nobody gave a fuck about you.

One Shots

Next Time [PG; Crawford/Schuldig] A oneshot tangent with Schuldig and Crawford.



Twenty-six reasons [PG-13] The ever-popular alphabet prompt, featuring Patroclus and Achilles.

Swim [G] Featuring Achilles

Of Humans [G; The Firebird] Prince Ivan frustrates the Wolf

A River of Laughter [G; American Indian myth] Coyote wins the race


Jealousies [PG-13] Patroklos/Achilles, Achilles/Troilus. There are consequences for killing a certain prince. Set in the early years of the war. Contains very, very slight sexual references. If you squint and turn sideways, you can't even see them.

Diplomacy [PG; Alexander the Great] Alexander/Hephaestion While Alexander goes on a pilgrimage to the Oracle of Siwah, he sends Hephaestion on an important diplomatic assignment. No more, I don't want to mess it up.

The Problem with Time [G; Original, based on Greek myth] Set in 18th century Venice--a conversation with an old friend about the frustrations of the time period.


In All but Blood [pg-13] When Patroclus accidentally kills a friend in an argument, he and his father are forced to flee to Phthia, where the queen is said to be a goddess and he's asked to look after her tiny son, unknowing that a series of events has been put into play that will change the world forever.