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24 November 2010 @ 09:48 pm
Because nothing says "Thanksgiving Break" like an essay on the conflict in Belfast  
The difference between a break and a "break," is that during a break you don't actually have to do anything. Well, I do. I shouldn't be surprised, really; of course, all my professors gave me essays due the day before we left out, no doubt citing the "So you won't have homework during vacation." Which meant I was up until the wee hours finishing a couple papers, one of which is for shit. But no, that's not enough. I get to start one for philosophy, which we are forbidden from doing research for (I highly approve of doing a little bullshitting for homework, but it goes against everything I know to do a paper that's completely bullshit) and one for British history on the Catholic - Protestant problems in Belfast. Yippee.

Really, I should get off my ass, stop reading porn, and just write something already. It sounds increasingly stupid to say that I'm having a crisis of self-esteem. But I am. (Holy shit.) I still haven't gone to see if I have any comments for my regulus_fest submission, and I think it has a lot to do with a subconscious fear of people telling me that they like it, when I so strongly feel that it's a piece of shit. And, of course, completely conscious fear that people didn't like it. Either way, I'm doomed. I think I should just face my fears and get it over with.

In short, I just need to get over myself.