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23 May 2013 @ 10:32 pm
I was so excited about this book. And I finished it in one day. And now I'm just kinda disappointed.

Not that the plot itself is bad, and the world is well-created and written. But...!

I'm automatically suspicious of female protagonists. I just don't connect with them very well. And if I have to sit through her debating between two love interests, I really prefer her to not pick the "good" one. I wanted her to choose the Darkling, and I wanted a plot twist at the end that showed that, yes he was dark, but he was also good. It's not like the author couldn't have totally worked it in. (And I wanted to know what his name was!)

But no, the main character picked goody-two-shoes Mal, despite the fact that we saw barely interaction between the two of them. In the book's defense, she grew up with Mal, so it's not like it was a lightning romance. And at least the Darkling was evil through and through--if she isn't going to pick him, at least don't make him a protagonist after having shown how much they want each other.

I need some Tsarpunk that involves a dark protagonist, now. (Because really, I think my heart has been crying out for this (sub)genre since I was about fifteen...)

...Why do I feel so unbelievably let down?