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05 June 2015 @ 08:22 pm
Art Post  
A few things I've done within the past few months. I'm putting them under cuts because a) I don't want to spam friend pages and b) the last one depicts a character with not-so-subtley implied self-harm. (My mother saw this one (oops!) and briefly worried about me until I made it clear that this was, in fact, total fiction.)

An illustration I did for Ivan and the Grey wolf. I had been a little put off from doing animals in the past due to comments of "it doesn't really look like..." but I actually had some fun with the fur, this time, even if it did take forever.

I got onto a bit of an Asian kick recently, having watched way too many samurai movies and Korean dramas, and wanted to do something with a sword and neon colors. Thus, this came out.

And finally, a concept for a cover. Basically, what I wished the art for Weiß Kreuz looked like: gritty and dark. Sometimes I want to just go through and rework the narrative to bring it to the series' full potential. Anyway, "Schuld" addressed Farfarello's past and self-mutilation, so he gets this cover.