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12 April 2010 @ 10:57 pm
Fanart: Regulus  
So I've failed at so many things today: I (almost) failed a test, I failed the census (for those of you who've seen the U.S. census, you are allowed to laugh at me), I failed at remembering to attend our floor meeting, I failed at taking pictures, and I failed at...not....making my computer freeze. And, of course, our Buddhism final is just plain depressing: we get to choose between writing an essay on suffering/sorrow or and essay on death/dying. None of this has anything to do with the purpose of this post. I just had to get that off my chest...

Um...so I made a post a little earlier that was basically an art dump. In that dump, I made a comment about not being able to get the colours of markers onto the computer. That hasn't changed. But it's probably as good as it'll get. A person should never be driven to hatred simply because they can't get the true colours of a drawing onto the computer. If, at some point, I manage to get the absolute perfect colours, I will edit this post, and it'll be mentioned in a different art post.

ANYWAY~! Comments that actually pertain directly to the drawing will be at the bottom. It's not often that I explicitly ask that you full-view, but you can't see the fun metallicized details in the...well, detail picture without doing so.



He ended up looking a little twiggy...(speaking of Twiggy, if Regulus were a chick, that's who he'd be. It's not even that they particularly look the same. But I've seen his face on a hundred different people, but when I saw a photo of the model Twiggy I had to laugh. There's something about her expression that's so...Regulus...) I honestly think that he might be my default when I can't think of what to draw...

If you want to see the original sketch, it was in that art dump I was talking about earlier.

By the way, that's supposed to be a phoenix on his shirt. No real reason behind it, I just felt it needed some pretty design.

If anyone has questions about colours I used or whatever, feel free to ask. If you're like me and never intend to study art, I know what it's like to sit there and wonder how someone did something. And really, Prismacolor markers aren't the exact science that Photoshop is >.<

E McGeemelusinahp on April 13th, 2010 06:52 am (UTC)
This is beautiful, I love it. I have a reclist of Regulus art somewhere, and I'll definitely be adding this. I love his body shape and his expression. He looks exactly as I imagine canon!Regulus to look.
MissTeacakes: bouncemissteacakes on April 13th, 2010 12:21 pm (UTC)
OMG!! Thank you so much for the rec! And I had to try so many times to get that body shape, so it's great that you mentioned it.
Keeper of the Superfluous Es!: Regulus/Nk_Aoedethemostepotente on April 13th, 2010 07:12 am (UTC)
This is COMPLETELY gorgeous! You have a beautiful style :-)
(Deleted comment)
MissTeacakes: Contentmissteacakes on April 13th, 2010 12:26 pm (UTC)
Oh, I totally want his shirt.

I've actually promoted regulus_fest. We've so many prompts that I know there's no way we'll fill them up. Either way, I'm more than likely going to take more than one, and do both writing and drawing for this epic event.
Artemis: gackt sleepingartemis10002000 on April 13th, 2010 10:37 am (UTC)
So beautiful! I love your style.
kyandoruraitosoleosolere on April 13th, 2010 12:59 pm (UTC)
Beautiful art! So canon-like and I love his clothes, too. ♥ Thank you for sharing!
hollywoodlawnhollywoodlawn on April 14th, 2010 05:55 pm (UTC)
That's a really lovely rendition of Regulus. I've seen him presented in so many different styles, but I love this modern contemporary look for him.

The bold blue with that shocking gold phoenix (nice touch--it's like he supports Dumbledore in his own way) is in perfect contrast to the black and pale figure. And he's so lean and model-y---yes, Twiggy is a great inspiration for this.

His lips, by the way, are so pouty lovely I almost can't stand it.
MissTeacakesmissteacakes on April 14th, 2010 08:24 pm (UTC)
I wasn't even thinking about it in terms of symbolism, actually. I just thought the shirt needed some sort of design, and hey, aren't phoenixes magical creatures. But hey, it's a cool way to look at it. This drawing is actually less vivid than most my others (let's just say I'm a fan of rich colours...)