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30 April 2010 @ 12:58 pm
Drabble!mania - iPod Shuffle Challenge  
Title: Midnight
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: Remus/Sirius, Regulus/Barty; some OCs paired with the boys in there, too.
Rating: PG ?
Summary: The iPod Shuffle Challenge (take the first ten songs that were shuffled, and write for the duration of each song); title is the first song on there.

Midnight – Transiberian Orchestra (Beethoven's Last Night)


Regulus has always been prone to nightmares, ever since he was little. Since the Dark Lord attempted to kill Kreacher, though, they have come while he's awake.


He's laying in the dark, the shadows seeming to rise up around him.


It's Coming Down – CAKE


The whole situation is somewhat funny, actually. Sirius lays on the floor, watching his girlfriend—now ex-girlfriend—run around, every now and then screaming in frustration. But he got drunk that night and woke up naked next to Remus, he can't seem to care in the least about her.


The rain is pounding on the window, and Sirius realizes that she had been borrowing his sweater. He never liked it anyway. He wonders if Remus' girlfriend knows yet, and is leaving him, too.


Brand New Key – Rasputina (Cover)


Regulus looks up at the attic window. He can't see Barty inside, and wonders if it's worth it to see if he's at home. But he was given a pair of rollerskates, and figured he might as well as try them at least once. He lost the key for them, though, and suspects that the blonde boy has it.

Velouria – The Pixies


The heat comes down like the waves they're letting crash against their ankles. He grabs his friend's hand, and looks in his face, and sees the summer in it.


Feuer Frei! – Rammstein


Sirius throws stuff around his room in a fit of rage. He sees the knife that Regulus gave him for his birthday. It's beautiful, and Sirius knows that his brother meant something by giving it, but he's not sure what. He's ready to pick it up and use it, but he doesn't know on what.


His parents don't seem to realize how much their words burned their son. Sirius doesn't realize it, either.


One Vision – Queen


Regulus doesn't see it as hard to understand. Pure-bloods simply know more. Muggles are unable to help themselves, and so why not help them. The world is unnecessarily divided, and he doesn't feel like the wizarding world should be hidden. There shouldn't be two worlds; they weren't living in the middle ages, where a witch would be burned at the stake, so why have any fear about it?


The war feels completely pointless. Why can't people just accept the truth? If everyone could just agree on everything, it would be so much easier.


Johanna – Sweeney Todd


He sits on the tree outside Barty's window, looking in. The other boy is sleeping. He scoots forward slightly. Carefully, he pushes the window the rest of the way open and creeps inside. Careful not to make a sound, he tiptoes to Barty's bed. He leans down and smells his hair. It's beautiful and blonde, and he wants to pet it, but doesn't.


Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny's Child


Regulus is annoyed; his girl was coming and asking for money again. He's rich, yes, but that didn't mean she could leech off him. He thinks of his brother, whose boyfriend was poor. Somehow Sirius had managed to find a poor lover who actually helped out, even if it wasn't monetarily.


It was time to get rid of her, he knew. Not now that some of the money was flat out missing. No one but her would be so stupid to take it. She was “borrowing” again, but he knew she wouldn't pay him back. This experiment dating a plebeian was over.


Beautiful Child – Rufus Wainwright


Sirius laughed. He couldn't remember ever feeling so euphoric, and it was wonderful. Life was suddenly beautiful all over again. He had always laughed at people who went stupid over being in love, but now he was and it was wonderful. Nevermind the fact that Remus loved him right back.


He was suddenly a young boy in love for the first time all over again.


Devils Live Inside my Hair – St. Nic of Detroit a.k.a. Nicodemus


Regulus told him so often that he can't fight genetics, and he knows it. Blacks are dark people, and he knows it. He accepts a good amount of this darkness and flaunts it. This darkness is on his face, in his attitude, the way he talks. For a long time, the other Gryffindors looked at him oddly, knowing that a Black didn't belong there, because he's obviously dark like the rest of his family. He doesn't particularly care, but he knows he can't change, so he doesn't try at all.

Notes: There's a bit of admitting to your horrible taste in music involved in this. This is an attempt to get back to writing, since moving has thrown me off. But just a few comments:

I almost cheated on a couple and just skipped them; for example, Brand New Key. And Velouria, which are essentially basically nonsense lyrics. A bit of "What the hell am I going to do with this?" Oh, and Feuer Frei! I almost skipped, but I actually scolded myself, because I do understand basic German, which is what Rammstein is. And has anyone actually listened to the words of "Johanna?" Antony is a stalker!

I'll say that you can't find Nicodemus on YouTube; he's an independent artist in (you guessed it) Detroit, and I had gotten the album from him as a birthday gift. But he's got a MySpace page with some of his music.