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30 April 2010 @ 01:18 pm
Drabble!mania - Ten Years  
Title: Ten Years
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: Regulus/Barty
Rating: PG-13 (hints at sex and violents)
Summary: Ten years, ten drabbles. Regulus, age 9 to 18.

Ten Years

Sirius and Regulus find it a wonderful game, seeing how fast they can drive off their governors and tutors. They compete at it. Just the other day, Sirius refused to accept a piano lesson, and tossed the music all over the floor. It took all afternoon to sort through it.


Regulus won this time; their French tutor had taken on the role of governor, believing that he could put up with what others couldn't. He's tired of Regulus' foul language; it's bad enough that his accent is purposely terrible, but he's tired of being treated like he's lower than Kreacher.




Sirius is going to school this year. He's received his letter, and Regulus is trailing behind as they shop for school. Sirius is allowed a pet, now that he's going to Hogwarts, and he's chosen an enormous owl that looks to Regulus like he's constantly angry, with ear tufts that stick up like the devil's horns.


It makes him a little scared, to be left alone. But more than that, he's just sad. All his life, Sirius has been his only friend. He won't tell his brother this, though. Affection is not something that is considered appropriate, nor is lonliness.




His mother asks if he would like an owl, too. It's the most popular animal for students, and after all, Sirius got one. But to his family's surprise, he asks for a cat. He doesn't say why, but he wants an animal that will sleep next to him, that he can hold in his lap and pet.


He gets his cat, names him Fyetka—Regulus thinks he looks like he could be a viking—and for the first couple weeks of school the cat is his only friend. He's not social, like Sirius is. He finds he likes books more than people




Bellatrix is getting married. She and Rodolphus have a turbulant relationship. Either this'll be the happiest wedding in a decade, or they couple will get in an explosive argument part way through the reception, and hexes could fly. Either way, Regulus knows that it'll be a lot of fun.


It makes him think about what kind of girl he'll marry. She'll be lovely, if not loving. He wouldn't mind a give-and-take relationship, like Cygnus and Druella's


He knows there are men that marry women like their mother—or in his case, also like Sirius. He refuses to end up like Orion.




Regulus has always known he was fairly good at flying. As he rises, the cool air against his face wakes him up the rest of the way. He's never been much of a morning person.


Below him, the school is cheering, and he thinks it's not entirely fair that only a quarter of them are wearing green. Slytherins don't try not to be liked. On the other hand, they don't really care what the rest of the world thinks of them. Shrugging, he looks around, searching for the glimmer of gold. He's fairly good at noticing--and finding--things, too.




He has a friend. A real friend, not just some idiot that follows him around and tells him how wonderful he is, like the boys in his own year do. This boy, a year younger, is smart; no, not just smart. Regulus is smart. This boy is brilliant. Albeit, he's sometimes a little over-energetic, and a little eccentric, but Regulus doesn't care. Barty has a mind of his own, he listens to Regulus, and he understands. Even though Regulus doesn't always understand back, this is more valuable to Regulus than anything. And he thinks Barty probably likes him right back.




Sirius threatens to run away on a regular basis. There have been times he has run away, often to their uncle's home. He always comes back. But somehow, this time feels different. Sirius got his OWLS back—all O's, hardly surprising—but their parents didn't pay much attention. They were more preoccupied with the silver badge that had fallen out of the envelope containing their younger son's school letter.


Regulus had cared that Sirius did well in school. He had congratulated his brother. Sirius was happy for Regulus, too. It didn't matter, though; their parents had cut Sirius one time too many.




The mark aches when it's first burned onto his skin. It burns for days afterward. He was going to change the world. He didn't particularly want to go to war, felt bad that people had to die. But all this was for the greater good. When all this was over, when the pure-bloods were in power, it would be better. He had a responsibility to take car of those who were below him.


Still, the first time he kills a man is horrible, and he threw up. Bella laughs and tells him he'll get used to it. He hopes so.




The two of them are still damp with sweat, their legs tangled. Feeling the soft breath on his neck as the other boy sleeps, his nose buried in the boy's blonde hair, he's happy. Peaceful.


This tiredness is so much different than what he's been feeling lately. Right now, he doesn't feel like a Death Eater. He doesn't feel like the heir to the most prominent pure-blood family in Britain. He doesn't feel like the twiggy, naive idiot he's realized his brother was right in calling him.


He feels like a normal seventeen-year-old. And he feels very much in love.




Regulus likes Narcissa. He's sorry that they didn't spend more time together when they were younger. But then, she's six years older than him. But he now sees that they're the same. She's right; they haven't a duty to the Dark Lord if it goes against the love of the family. She'll be a mother soon, and will give up everything if it means her child is kept safe. She'll even betray the Dark Lord.


Regulus knows that he's a Black before a Death Eater. He always has been. He'll die, if it means that those he loves are safe.


Notes: I'm feeling a little starved of Regulus/Barty. I know for a fact that us shippers exist, but...well, there's no lj community, no ship on SCUSA (wtf, too--they've got a ship for Hagrid/Dobby, but not Regulus/Barty) and in desperation I went to ff.net. There's a sad, tiny page for the two characters, and not all of it is even shipping. It feels even smaller because my other OTP is Remus/Sirius, which is quite possibly the biggest, baddest slash ship out there. *sighs*

Anyway, a little fun with Regulus. I did something like this with Weiss Kreuz a while ago, only not so organized.


lee: m/m models - boundsnegurochka_lee on April 30th, 2010 11:59 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed that! Very cool structure, and the hints of Regulus/Barty were great. :)