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18 May 2010 @ 03:22 pm
Fanart: Libra  
A discussion about hair caused this to skip to the top of the queue. When I went to see the sixth movie (and I only saw it once) I thought Narcissa was wearing a hat. When I googled her picture a day or two ago, I realized that her hair was actually two different colors. My excuse is that I was overwhelmed by my first drive-in movie experience. So what's the creator's excuse?

As an air sign, Libras tend to be deep thinkers, and are diplomatic, charming, and generally love peace (and, ironically, are willing to fight for it--peacefully. See: John Lennon.) They are considered to be the most sophisticated, with fine taste and a certain elegance about them. They have a strong sense of "fair play," and do not suffer fools; anyone who does not share their opinion is a fool. (See: John Lennon.) They are, however, willing to go along to get along.

The colours for Libra are a variety of pale greens, pinks, and blues. The metal is copper and the September birthstone is sapphire, hence her necklace. The flowers are daisies, roses, and bluebells (I used daisies because I'm terrible at drawing flowers, and probably one of the first things kids learn to draw are daisies...)

I always thought Narcissa seemed like she could be one of Mucha's poster-girls, so I picked up the style a bit. I kinda wanna go back and make Regulus' better now. (I promised myself I wouldn't!)

I did finish Cancer, but it's very...green. I need to break the colour a little bit, so I'm redoing it.