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19 May 2010 @ 07:05 pm
I have got to get better about proofreading stuff. I was wondering why, after a month, I hadn't gotten an email that I was expecting. Turns out that I spelled it wrong. So I had to go back and tell them that the email was spelled wrong, and I was very much embarrassed. It makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Meanwhile, I've been looking through some of my older fics that were posted, and seeing spelling and grammar errors all through that, despite the fact that I've proofread them more than once. This is turning into a real problem.

So I've started my shop. It's basically just selling prints of work I've done, and possibly some of the originals. Link is provided on my sidebar, even though there's like...nothing up there right now.

I've also been attempting to design a set of custom tarot cards; really, you can't do this kind of thing in a sprint--it's a marathon. But I found out that the proportions I've been drawing are wrong, and even though I only have about five done, they still take hours to colour and quite a bit of marker. I get to be very frustrated. At least the drawings are pretty.

My best friend saw a couple, and I'll tell you, she had something wrong to point out about all of them. So my wolves don't look like real wolves--look at Sabastian the crab. I've never seen any crab less crab-like. But that's not it, either. She comes out with  something wrong on everything. Like the drawing of Regulus with the phoenix shirt--she said his nose was huge (btw, people have big noses. I think she's been watching a little too much anime.)

I got her to do the fandom meme, and I'll say that she's quite tame when it comes to her shipping. Her "guilty pleasure" ship for InuYasha is Sesshomaru/Kagome. I'll admit that I don't approve (it's one of those rare ships that make me want to stab someone. Rather like when a girl ships Hermione with Sirius just because she "relates" to Hermione and wants the sexiest, most popular guy in the series) but it's not the deep-dark-secret kind. I just shake my head, because I've got worse. And she can't figure out Regulus/Barty, even though I explained that it's just as plausible as Harry/Draco. Maybe more so, because at least both of them were Death Eaters at the same time.

Um...yeah, so random fandom rant.

But that's about it.