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21 May 2010 @ 06:47 pm
I should try this vacation thing more often  
I get more productive that way XD

Hence, a continuance of my Harry Potter zodiac series.

Actually, this was all lined out before I decided to do "vacation." I was no longer looking at as a chore, I guess, so I was colouring it last night while watching TV, which is actually how I seem to work best. And thus you get a continued project? o.O Actually, I was also determined to draw Barty correctly, since I've never successfully done freckles before. Once again, it's infinitely better with a full view.

IT'S ME! Or, more correctly, my own sun sign. For this reason, I can tell a bit more;

Out of all the signs, Cancerians are the craziest; we're talking the whole kit and kaboodle here--mood swings, a varying detachment from reality, and often a kooky laugh to go with it all. If Virgo is more prone to hypochondria and obsessive-compulsive, Cancer is more prone to bipolar disorder. Like all water signs, they have a keen sense of people's emotions, but being the babies of the water signs, Cancers can sometimes lack the empathy that goes with it, so while they know WHAT makes people happy or upset, they don't always know WHY. Either way, they still make for good actors.

Because of Barty, I should also mention the penchant for revenge: it's not always easy to tell when you've hurt a Cancerian emotionally, because they shut down completely when you do (to the entire world, not just you.) And don't hold your breath waiting to be forgiven, because it can take from days to years--if it happens at all. Luckily (for the Cancerian, at least) the first cut is the deepest, and once you hurt them the first time they won't allow it to happen again. But whether they take the opportunity or not, they always note a chance for revenge when it comes along, and find plotting to be half the fun.

There are a number of obscure symbols in this. First of all, a startling number of people associate Cancer with the color blue, when in fact, the color is green. (I used some blue to break up the green.) I made an attempt at silver on the symbol, which is the metal; the flowers are moonflowers, which only bloom at night and are so white they seem to glow. While the animal most commonly associate is the crab, it can be any crustacean, and I thought a blue lobster fit Barty best--lobsters are only ever blue by genetic mutation, rather like an albino; Barty is the black sheep of his family. (Or should I say the blue lobster XD? Okay, enough geekiness.) The sort of everlasting-gobstopper look was unintentional, but it seems to fit him rather well.


I'll leave you with yet another video. I know that this has been done in several languages, as well as a British version, which just sounds kinda weird. Here's the full Dove Men's commercial's "Manthem", which aired during the last SuperBowl: