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16 June 2010 @ 09:33 pm
Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind  
It seems only fair that I love hearing what artists have to say about their work, since I love to talk so much. But I watched Cat Stevens singing "Peace Train" live, and right beforehand he said one of the most awesome things ever:

"I'll tell you this song is really...it's basically...uh...it's made me a lot of money, that's what it's basically done. No, but apart from that, I wrote it while I was on a train--oh God, it's really true--and I was, uh, I was thinking of Alfred Hitchcock at the time, and his lovely chin. And if everybody could, y'know, love Alfred Hitchcock it would be a better world."

(Btw, I realized recently that, if he were younger, and someone else, and started writing songs within the last twenty years, I would be itching to just beat him up, what with the words to some of his music. As it is, he's Cat Stevens (or rather, Yusuf Islam, now that he's Muslim) and he's from the sixties, so it's okay.)

I feel like I'm in this cycle of bad Karma--like I haven't gotten what I need to done, so I can't do what I want to do. Anyway, I'm fairly sure that my scanner has been messing with the colours again. And it's amazing how crippling it was to run out of pale peach--it's the base I use for skin, so I was stuck.

Created for barty_regulus . Surprise. I should send people out to promote for me now...

The original drawing. "Dear, there are plenty of other perfectly good skeletons out there.' 'But I want that one.'" That's what was going through my head while doing Barty's shirt; it's Grateful Dead artwork, and they've got a copyright on the skeleton thing, and there are others I could have done. But this one so reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, what with the giant mushroom and smoke rings and such, I had to use it. It's such a druggie shirt...And it occurs to me that this is twice I've gone and given Barty a second shirt, thinking that the shape of his arm was funny. There are still more than enough problems, but I'm not going to point them out, and there's only so many times I'm willing to redo a drawing.

This was going to originally be what I used for the community banner. Then I decided I didn't like the shape of Regulus' head, and it was a little funny-shaped for the purpose anyway. But it's probably the first time I've done a greyscale drawing with my markers. And how do you like their huge 70's ties? XD

We (being my immediate friends) have stopped showing my best friend things we're actually proud of. Really, I know she thinks she's being helpful, but she will always tell us right away what's wrong with it. That, or she'll say something slightly stupid. The first thing that came out of her mouth when she saw the drawing I did of Barty for Cancer was "Why does he have freckles?" It took me about ten seconds to even process the question. So she hasn't seen any of these...

For those of you who pay attention to these things, I've started adding character/pairing tags, since I've done so much Harry Potter stuff lately.

Oh, and I've been thinking about putting original sketches of stuff up; the drawing gets traced on my light box, and so it looks different before I've even started colouring it, if not better.