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14 July 2010 @ 02:46 pm
Princess Tutu Promotional!!  
Yes, I am promoting another anime. However, this is on a completely different side of the spectrum than Weiss Kreuz. I mentioned Princess Tutu in my post about the icons, and I figure I may as well spread the word.

It takes a certain type of person to appreciate it; normally I don't go for magic-girl shows, since they seem pretty much the same, but Princess Tutu is so creatively and thoughtfully put together, I can't help but love it. The first impression you get is sugary, but if you can get past the first few episodes you begin to see how amazing it is. It also becomes quite dark toward the end of the series. I should probably also mention that the characters are not complete idiots; Fakir, for example, didn't have to see Ahiru transform to put two and two together and realize she's Princess Tutu.

It's set in an imaginary German town called KinKan (in fact, when you see writing it's in German, and one of the characters actually uses it in full sentences at one point!), and it eventually reveals that the inhabitants are unaware of how strange it is to have talking animals within the society; this is actually a drawback to German faery tales, which so inherently involve animals. And that's what the show is: a faery tale, a story within a story. It incorporates many different ballets, and whenever the main character, Ahiru (Duck) turns into Princess Tutu it becomes a ballet.

Transformation is the name of the game, with Herr Drosselmeyer turning from a kind, helpful old man to someone who enjoys manipulating the characters' lives. At first it starts out pretty simple: Princess Tutu is Odette, Princess Kraehe is Odile, and Mytho is Siegfried. But then at some point Princess Tutu becomes the Siegfried, Mytho becomes Odette, and Fakir becomes Odile--or maybe it's the other way around! There's just so much symbolism involved, it took me a while to figure it out. In the meantime, I learned a great deal about different ballets, and the meanings behind the poses (because there is meaning.)

Anyway, I'm providing three videos. The first is the promotional trailer, which presents the basics without giving too much away. The second is a music video someone made that went viral, and made everyone Americans obsessed with the song; it's basically Princess Tutu in three minutes, and is so is full of spoilers. The third is my favourite scene, prom something like the second to last episode, and is one huge spoiler. It is the only dance between Fakir and Duck (stupid English name...) and basically shows off my OTP.