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11 August 2010 @ 09:59 am
"I'm half Italian, half drag queen, I'm allowed to get worked up!"  
So after four days of watching Queer as Folk, it ended up with a major "WTF?!?!" ending, for which I feel the need to rant. Thus, if you don't want to know, don't read. (The quote at the top is from the show, btw; Michael found out his father was a drag queen from before he came out; I may not be either Italian or part drag queen, but I'm very Irish and quite a bit German, so I have both totalitarian tendencies and a temper which, even though not as quick as some of the rest of my Irish family, still hits hard and long. And yes, I know that sounds like a porno commercial.)

But before I start on my rant, I will say that I still think the first three seasons were amazing. And even though the last two got somewhat depressing, there is some nice humor, including a small conversation I have from the episode after the clip I put up. The use of music throughout the series is amazing, and not just the type of background music in the clip, either. What they play in Babylon plays a huge part, too. (Now I just need my Brian/Justin icon...)

Despite the fact that Mel and Lindsey moved to Canada and got married, Michael and Ben remained in a committed relationship, and it was implied that Ted found the love that he needed, I feel like all my girlish dreams of true love were crushed by what happened with Brian and Justin. Despite being on and off, they had the longest relationship. And they worked out so much shit: the fact that Justin was 17 when they first slept together, and Brian is twelve years older; Justin's dad beating up Brian for "molesting" Justin, then disowning him for being gay; Justin getting bashed in the head after Brian went to his prom, having Brian blame himself and try to cut himself off from Justin; the subsequent emotional damage that made Justin afraid of having physical contact anyone, as well as the brain damage that made him unable to draw for a time, which Brian was very patient with helping him through; Brian's promiscuity, leading Justin to feel that he's unromantic and leaving him for that stupid fucking violinist; Brian's insecurity when he gets a testicle removed due to cancer, leading him to kicking Justin out and threatening with a restraining order, saying that he'd leave eventually anyway; Justin going to work in L.A. for months, causing Brian to start thinking he wasn't coming back.

All this, and when Brian finally ask Justin to marry him, changing his ways, and selling both his nightclub and his shag pad, they can't work through the fact that Brian overshot it and gave up sex just a little too much, to the point that they weren't having any hot, passionate sex. It makes very little sense to just suddenly have them break off the wedding at the last minute and Justin moving to New York to be an artist. You'd think that Brian would go through the effort to meet half-way in order to keep him, especially after the episode in the third season where, after Justin left him for Ethan, he went and hired a prostitute that looked like Justin because he wanted him too badly, instead of just drowning himself in the mindless sex he had before. I just leaves me so unsatisfied--it wasn't even a bittersweet ending, like they were obviously intending. Instead it was just depressing. Especially since the night Justin left they actually made love, not just had sex the way they usually did.

Despite all this, I'll still promote it with what's probably my favourite love scene in the entire series. Ironically, it's probably the least graphic sex scene, but I love how it's out of sequence, the love between them, and the dirty innuendos. This is after Justin realizes that he wants Brian instead of the violinist, gets a job at the advertising firm that Brian is a partner in, and then gets fired by Brian. (btw, this is a segment of the full episode, so I'm kinda sorry for the first 25 seconds being different...)

Emmet: *sees Justin and Brian dancing in the club* Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?

Ben: Yes, you are seeing it. The most historic reunification since Germany.

Emmet: What happened to the fiddler?

Michael: He fell off the roof.

I found out that it's a remake of a UK show; I started watching, and it's the same basic plot. However, I like the US one better--I feel like the whole thing is set up better. Besides, I need to get back to life. Soap Operas are terrible for your social life, both online and in real life. In the meantime, I went and caught the flu from a friend, and not the nice, 24 hour kind where you get violently sick and it's over by the next day. It's the stomachache that lasts for a few days and you don't feel like doing anything except laying around watching TV.