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24 September 2010 @ 09:18 am
Well, THAT was neat...  
I actually read the school newspaper for once, and I'm kinda glad I did. (Btw, there's an article in the New York Times about these families in Afghanistan who'll dress one of their daughters up like a boy because they're unable to have one, thus saving a little face. They interviewed a number of women who once dressed up, and it's very interesting. I would suggest reading it, if you can.)

There's a common fear growing amoung Law and Order fans that, now that they're creating a series set in L.A. that it'll lose a lot of it's charm, and might start to go the way of CSI or NCIS. However, there is a ray of hope called Detroit 1-8-7. So I went online to the ABC channel's website and watched the pilot episode.

Maybe because I grew up so close to Detroit, but it automatically lands a little near and dear to my heart. And yes, it's another cop show, but it's got an appeal that a lot don't. It's a somewhat grungy, much like the city itself, with offices that aren't nice and clean and white (or, as in other shows *cough* only lit by their technology). The cinematogrophy was somewhat reminiscent of a reality show, only not really. You could tell that they were actually driving down a street, and the camera was actually in the car, because it wasn't entirely steady. Likewise, the chase scenes aren't entirely smooth, like the cameraman is trying to keep up and keep steady at the same time.

There was a humor to it that was nice, also. Like the fact that one of the detectives dislikes his partner so much that sometimes he'll only talk to him on the phone, despite being two feet away. And, when searching for a lost bullet, they kept thinking they found it, then realizing that it was the wrong caliber, and eventually making a comment about how that's what happens when you're looking for a lost bullet in Detroit.

And even though I didn't always recognize the neighborhoods, I knew it was actually filmed in Detroit. We have a unique architecture to all our buildings, same as the unique culture. I feel that this is important, to have a show shot in the city; we need the business, and who knows, maybe our burgeoning film industry will finally take off. (We have had a number of movies filmed in the area--Red Dawn, The Island, and Gran Torino, which was actually set in Detroit.)

Anyway, I'm a fan. I might just watch it, the way I watched Law and Order, even though it's not actually on in the daytime yet. (I can always watch it online.)