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24 October 2010 @ 04:31 pm
A (for once) Untitled fic  
Title: [I'll come up with one later. When I'm feeling more creative.]
Rating: G
Summary: Dorian finds out that Emmet hasn't broken up with his previous boyfriend.
Notes: I don't even fucking care anymore that this isn't completely finished. It's finished enough that you're not left hanging. But it's been sitting around on my computer for months, and it's about time I just put up; every time I see Rufus Wainwright on my iPod I feel bad about it. I'm sure I'll write more for it later, anyway.

~ ~


I was woken by a very familiar ring tone, and nearly fell out of bed trying to answer it. It was a stupid thing to do. It wasn't as if Dorian would have known who it was. But I was feeling the horrible effects of guilt, seeing how we had been officially 'together' for a week, and I hadn't broken it off with Killian yet. I'd been putting off the idea of explaining to my boyfriend why we were suddenly breaking up.


It's the worst feeling in the world to have done wrong to someone who's been wonderful to you; Killian had offered to let me move in with him when I got kicked out of my parent's house, and I'd refused. Now I had moved in with another guy, and was currently naked in his bed, having made love with him the night before.






“Hey!” If that wasn't the sound of a guilty conscience, I didn't know what was. “What's up?”


“Nothing much,” Killian said. “What about you? Got a place yet?”


I felt Dorian's hand slide over my arm. He placed a kiss on my shoulder, and I glanced over to see him watching me.


“Um...yeah. Yeah, it's nice.”


“I was actually thinking that, since I've got a few days off, I could go up there and see you.”


“No!” I said. “That is, I was already planning to head down there.”


Liar. I wanted to get up, away from Dorian, but knew that would be a dead giveaway. As if my voice wasn't already.


“Really?” Killian was saying. “When?”


This weekend, maybe,” I said. “I didn't have any specific plans, y'know, just having gotten here and all, but...”


“Great.” Killian sounded too happy for my taste. “Listen, I gotta go, I've got class. I was just calling to tell you that, check in on you, all that stuff.”


“'kay, I'll talk to you later.”


“Bye, Emmet. Love you.”




I clicked the phone shut and put in on the nightstand. Rolling onto my back, I saw Dorian looking at me with knowing eyes.


“Who was that?” he asked.


“No one,” I lied. “Um...I have to go home for a few days. I've got some things to sort out.”


“Those 'things',” he said. “Were they what you were talking to just now?”


“Yeah,” I said tightly.


He gave an annoyed sigh and got up. I sat up and pulled my knees to my chest, watching as he ran his hands through his dark hair and made his way to the adjoining bathroom.


“I thought we were clear on those things,” he called through the open door.


I got up and pulled my pants on. “Dorian...it's complicated,” I finished lamely.


“Yeah?” He leaned against the door. “I consider myself to be a relatively clever guy. Explain it to me.”


I heaved a sigh. “When I was outed to my parents, I moved here to be away from everyone to think. I never intended to break up with Killian. Then I met you, and everything happened so fast. I-I fell in love with you really fast, and I just never got the chance to tell Killian.” I frowned as he raised an eyebrow. “I feel bad enough breaking up with him for another guy without doing it over the phone!”


“I see.”


“I just want a chance to go down there and explain everything to him in person,” I said. “I've been one of those lucky people that got broken up with over the phone—a text, no less—and I don't want to do that to him. He's too good for that.”


Dorian wilted.


“Alright,” he said, walking over to me. “Go...deal with your business. I want this done after this weekend though.”


I nodded. “Yeah. So do I.”