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03 November 2010 @ 09:42 pm
In which I use far too much of a language I barely know...  
I remember attempting Spanish when I was una piquena estudiante de primer año. I was horrible at it. But these last two days, I've decided to finally get around the watching the middle of the fifth season of Queer as Folk. However, I don't own the DVDs of it, since I'm poor and the season is generally depressing anyway. So I've been watching it on Youtube. Unfortunately, the only person who has the whole series online has subtítulos en español. Hence the reason I've gotten the urge to use Spanish. (But what the hell, English uses whatever words it wants, so what's a little Spanglish to mix things up?)


It has been una loca dos semenas.

Last Monday I got to British history to see that class was canceled. I was muy feliz. Until Wednesday when I found out that my professor had a stroke. I promptly went into guilt mode, because I was happy about not having class. And the fact that I spent the last three years wondering what happens when a professor dies. So they found a replacement for her, which worked out in a way, since his specialty is British imperialism, and which we just started. (In case anyone cares, our original professor is talking.)

So now our entire syllabus has been revised, which means revising my own carefully structured schedule. To top it off, my philosophy professor changed the date of an exam, which means more rescheduling. And I had two of my midterms, (Latin and Mythology) both of which I got A's on. OLE!

I also found out that a friend of a friend died of meningitis, which is always a little worrying. It's easy to get scared when you know someone who knows someone. Nevermind being the person who knew the person in the first place. He was getting worried that he got it, due to a sore throat and aches; I thought he was full of shit, considering I had just gotten over a nasty cold.

Over the weekend was Youmacon, my annual anime convention. There's something incredible about them, which makes them more of a cultural phenomenon than any other type of convention. They cease to be anime conventions so much as general pop culture conventions, where everyone dresses up however they want. I didn't so much this year. However, on Sunday (Halloween) I dressed up as a Reguzombie. I had to explain to a couple people that, si, inferi esta zombies, y Regulus Black was eaten by them.

So I walked around, gurgled back and forth at a guy who made a comment to a friend about zombies. There was one girl that was staring at me like I had an extra head, so I gurgled at her, and she gave me the dirtiest look I've gotten in a long time. Like "Who the fuck do you think you are, gurgling at me?" And then there was one guy who insisted on giving me a hug. I'll get pictures up at some point.

Despite the fact that I don't watch nearly as much anime as I used to, I still found a couple awesome ones. Including one, La Chevalier D'eon, which is set in eighteenth-century France, in which the main guy's "super power" more involves his dead sister's spirit possessing him in a crisis. The gender-switch (possibly sex change, since he takes on her voice) is so absolutely flawless that there's nothing strange about it at all. He goes from being a somewhat effeminate, okay-looking guy to a really hot chick in seconds, and all that happens is his hair comes loose. I'm only an episode and a half in, and I'm already a shipper, too--I want one of the other characters, who joins them in the second episode, to fall in love with his female form. That would be awesome.

The second Uraboku, involves vampires (okay, cliche...) and my wonderful ideal of love; the vampire fell in love with a woman at some point in the past. Of course, she died. Then she was reincarnated as a guy. The vampire knows that he's the reincarnation, and he says that it doesn't matter what form his former lover takes, it's the same soul. Physical sex doesn't make any difference in his feelings. Oh, mi pobre corazon romantico!

All this was held in the Ren Cen, downtown, which is muy grande, but there were small policies that were held, which were not very good. Like the lack of adult video rooms. I don't really care about watching hentai, but it's the principal of the matter. And, of course, I'm still worn out, all the way on Wednesday, because I was staying up until tres de la mañana. I can't wait until the weekend, when we can turn our clocks back.

Now, what my biggest priority is, is to get writing. Anything. It doesn't matter what. And put it online. Even if what I write is El Estupido! Especially considering that the people in the Queer as Folk fandom are La Maravillosas--so nice, and comment on everything.