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19 March 2008 @ 04:14 pm
In all but Blood, ch 8  
Title: In all but Blood
Rating: PG-13, for now
Summary: When Patroclus accidentally kills a friend in an argument, he and his father are forced to flee to Phthia, where the queen is said to be a goddess and he's asked to look after her tiny son, unknowing that a series of events has been put into play that will change the world forever.



Patroclus sighed and shifted where the hay he lay on itched his bare back. He and Medeus had stopped at the village at the base of the mountain. Somehow, money had magically appeared in Medeus' hand—not enough for a room at the local inn, but enough to pay someone to keep their horses in their stable. Medeus was a tricky person, and when he let it “slip” that they didn't have a place to stay, the owner of the stables offered a place in his house. The hospitality didn't entirely go to waste; Medeus said he didn't dare intrude on the house, and just asked to be allowed to sleep in the stable. The owner frowned slightly, but Medeus insisted, and eventually he relented. Still, the two of them were given some warm food and blankets, and told to that they only need ask if they needed anything else.

The true reason for his insistence were soon revealed. A tricky person indeed, Patroclus thought, with a small snort. Not that he didn't enjoy it—one would be insane not to. However, afterward, when they held each other, Medeus seemed sad, almost as if they'd never seen each other again. When Patroclus asked about it, he said that he was going to be called to join his mother in Colchis soon, although he didn't know when. He was the only living heir to the throne, and had a duty. Even when Patroclus assured him that he'd be back before that happened, the darker boy still seemed melancholy.

This morning, however, he seemed to be completely back to normal as he dressed and moved about. It worried Patroclus to some extent, wondering how often he hid what he felt.

“You boys awake?” A woman came in, carrying a basket, and gave a sort of fond smile when they both looked at her. “I brought you two some breakfast, and a little for the road.”

Patroclus returned the smile gratefully. “You and your husband are too kind to us.”

“Don't worry about it. It's not much, just some bread and fruit, and a little cheese. But it's the best we could do.”

“Thank you, Missus,” Medeus said. “We really appreciate it.” When she left, he sighed in mock-disappointment. “And here I was hoping they'd sent their daughter to feed us.”

Patroclus threw a handful of hay at him. “You're insatiable,” he said, laughing. “Wasn't last night enough for you?”

Medeus laughed, his eyes shining with mischief. “I was hoping for you, actually,” he said. “She's the one with the red hair you like so much. And you'd be able to lose both virginities in less than a day.”

He gaped for a moment, before shutting his mouth with a snap. “Why you dirty...I can just go hire myself a whore, you know.”

A slight frown crossed Medeus' face. “Your first time should never be with a whore. And at least village girls pretend to be coy, and you can have a little fun coaxing them into it.”

Shaking his head, Patroclus said, “You're never one to just get things over with, are you?”

“Sex should never be something you 'get over with'. And in any case, you should always try to have as much fun with life as you can, under whatever circumstances the gods put you under. And village girls are fun.”

“How would you know this?” Medeus smiled at the question, and bit into a chunk of bread. So that was where he disappeared to every once and a while. “Someday some girl's father is going to catch you deflowering his little girl,” Patroclus said. “And he's going to castrate you.”

Medeus shrugged. “I'm not too worried about it.”

“Of course not,” Patroclus said, shoving the rest of his own bread in his mouth. It ended up being too much, and he choked as it went down. Medeus laughed and got a rude gesture in return.

“Oh, no, don't!” he said as Patroclus pulled his chiton on. “I was enjoying that!”

“I'd moon you, but you'd like it.”

Another laugh, and Medeus stood up. “You take the rest of the food. I'm just going right back up the mountain anyway.”

I had intended to,” Patroclus said, wrapping the bread and fruit up. He put the saddle cloth on his horse, but turned as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Don't I get a goodbye kiss?” Medeus asked.

“I don't think so,” Patroclus said, smirking and turning away. “I'm disappointed in you for taking advantage of all these girls.”

“Too bad.” Medeus grabbed Patroclus' wrist and swung him around so that his body was pressed flush against the other boy's. The following kiss, however, was surprisingly gentle. The two of them laughed when Medeus pulled away.

They rode west out of town, and stopped once more before parting ways. The darker leaned over and, placing a hand gently on Patroclus' thigh, gave one more soft kiss.

“I'll see you soon,” Patroclus said, smiling.

“Hopefully. Mother's been trying to put me on a throne as young as possible. Any throne, really.”

With one last laugh, Medeus turned his horse and headed back toward the mountain. Patroclus watched for a few moments before turning the opposite direction.

He rode south and made a stop at mount Olympus, as he and Achilles had on the way up. That night a sword was kept next to his head as he slept. There were thieves all over these lands. Looking up at the stars, he remembered what he told Achilles year ago, about the warnings of Zeus. Now the weather was calm, and he wondered whether it was because the boy wasn't with him. Now, Achilles would have been thrilled at the challenge, simply because he would be told he couldn't. On the other hand, Patroclus wouldn't have dared, except that someone needed to keep Achilles out of trouble.

He had determined to make a stop in Opus. A new horse and decent clothes would be useful, and if he was honest with himself, he still ached to see his father again. He remembered the night Menoetius had told him his fate, and how old the man looked, wondered how old he was now. The thought was pushed back from his thoughts—he didn't want to think about it.

The ride from Mount Pelion felt much longer than the one there. He thought about how comforting it had been to have Achilles riding in front of him, and though he had talked the whole way and annoyed him, now Patroclus missed it. The nights were colder, too, out in the open, and he thought about how the blonde boy used to curl up against him when they slept. How long since he stopped doing that? Three years? That sounded about right. He realized that was about the time both he and Medeus had hit puberty, and had started sleeping closer together instead. Did Achilles stop because he knew that they were growing up, and felt distanced from them? He felt bad when he thought about it, and got the sudden urge to ride back, just to hold his friend, and tell him he was sorry, and that he loved him and ask him to come with him.

He didn't.

When he reached the outskirts of Opus, he stopped a slave boy as he worked in a garden, and told him to run ahead. When the boy protested, Patroclus cut him off, saying, “Please, I need you to go tell Menoetius that his son has arrived. I'll make sure your master knows, and I'll reward you.”

The boy's eyes widened, and he barely paused for a moment before dropping his stuff and running toward the house of Menoetius.

I promise, Patroclus and Medeus' relationship is completely sexual/friendship (yay for Greek sexuality!) He will probably have a few more flings before he realizes his omgistrue!love for Achilles. In the meantime, he's going to visit daddy for a little while. (Who says he was dead? Peleus wasn't.)


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See you later, instigator: Y Tu Mamá También (by hyelle_narmo)oudeteron on March 19th, 2008 09:34 pm (UTC)
Aw, honestly, I love how you've done the relationship between Patroclus and Medeus. It's really believable and even kind of sweet (and how they made fun of exploiting the poor village girls later was hilarious). Now to see how the reunion goes... *waits (im)patiently for the next chapter*
Olivia: awesomeeosyn on March 20th, 2008 02:34 am (UTC)
Wonderful ♥
I was really starting to like Medeus--he and Patroclus are way too cute. I'll definitely miss him, but I'm looking forward to daddy time and whatever else you come up with.
Thank you for being so amazing :)