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23 January 2011 @ 12:28 pm
Small Rant  
I've felt the need to rant about this for a while; QAF ended up being the target because it's a fairly good example, and my dad's side of the family lives outside Pittsburgh, so I know the city; but this could apply to a lot of films/TV shows. I am not being disillusioned.

There are a lot of things I have deliberately chosen to ignore in QAF. They can't do anything about the weather, being filmed in Toronto, or the landscape. I have decided that when I write (I do write, I just look back at it and decide not to post; so much of it looks like shit to me) to subtly alter these things. Pennsylvania in general is a very colline state, and Pittsburgh is right up in the mountains there. Toronto, apparently, is not. Likewise, it's warmer than Canada, and doesn't get nearly the amount of snow that you see in the show. (Of course, I'm talking from a Michigander's perspective; I have vivid memories of -10 F (-23 C), where it hurts to walk out your front door).

However, I feel like a lot of people who have never been in the US don't realize how geographically/politically/culturally/ethnically diverse a country we are. The American media really only presents us with four options: New York, the South, California, and the West (which California is not included in). Ironically, I think what QAF gives you is probably Californians; first of all, I have to admit that the Pittsburgh accent is certainly not the sexiest in the world (sorry to all you Pittsburghers out there, but it's true). The closest I've heard to their dialect is the way Ethan talks ("No shit" -303), which is truly a Canadian accent. Debbie's is pure New York.

But every once in a while, they'd come out with something I have never heard in my life. The one that I think of most specifically is "Five thou every time they run it." Everyone I know personally would say "Five grand." Again with the suspension of disbelief.

The one thing that gets me about QAF, though, is the timeline. They fuck with it so much that it is enough to send you reeling. It's mostly to do with birthdays: when Justin tells Ethan that Brian is 31, and it's not possible; Justin's only just turned 19, and his birthday is probably in January, but Brian's is in late May/early June. In 414, Emmet says that Ted was born in August, but then in 512/513 Ted is turning 39, and it's most definitely January or February, March at the latest, and it's Gay Ski Week.

I remember trying to come up with a timeline for my mythology writing, and having to play around with it, mostly condensing it down by a few years. Am I wrong in feeling that this should be unnecessary in other fandoms?

I just had to get that out of my system. Now I can go back to loving them...

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