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01 February 2011 @ 04:05 pm

Apparently the snowpocolypse is coming. In all my years in Michigan, and I've been here a few, I have never heard of a school announcing a closure the day before we have the snow day. But we have. I shall not complain, since I had a chem exam plus a lab tomorrow. But I hear that there are people stocking up food, like it'll be the end of the world or something.

Anyway, I stole a meme from oudeteron 

1. First fic
Ice and Stars (Harry Potter; Remus/Sirius) Which was plot-less to the extreme. Written during a time at which I was actually managing to hop between fandoms with some success. I just kept thinking about all the stars I could see.

2. Last fic
Something like Normal (QAF; Brian/Justin) was my last solid fanfic. I was testing out the fandom, and season three was a very inspiring time for me (Actually, from what I can tell it was inspiring for a lot of people.) I've always been a lover of gapfillers, so I decided it was a good place to start. I also wrote a pair of Weiss Kreuz drabbles, Bubbles and Rosy Hue, in an attempt to get myself moving again.

3. Kinkiest fic
LOL!! I'm definitely not the pr0n-queen. I read it (a lot), but I just don't have the courage to write it myself...

4. Fic that was the most fun to write
Either The Box (Regulus Black/Barty Crouch Jr), since the format was something I hadn't done before, or my "Full Circle" series of Remus/Sirius. The latter was very much for shits-and-giggles on my part, and I wrote these jokes in that I didn't find that funny, but for some reason people loved them.

5. Fic that was the most challenging to write
Fire and Snow (Regulus Black/Barty Crouch Jr) was very difficult, since I was given so much time to write it. I just started to question it so much, and I ended up hating it. Something Like Normal was also difficult, since I was so new to the fandom.

6. Best fic written as a gift or for an exchange
I've only written Fire and Snow as an exchange. See above comments.

7. Most well-received fic
That's really hard to say.

8. Most overlooked fic
Ten Years didn't get as much attention as I had hoped it might; but the Regulus Black fandom is actually quite small, so I guess it shouldn't be such a surprise...

9. Fic that came with the best bunny
My writing is sadly lacking in real bunnies. Usually, it comes up due to some pretty typical situation that other people have written about, and I end up trying to make it a little different.

10. Personal favourite of the year
I liked Time (Remus/Sirius) a lot. It was more melancholy, and somehow seemed very real.

11. Fic/idea/fest/pairing you're most excited about for 2011
I will mention right now that I hate making plans, since I rarely follow all the way through. But for the sake of the meme:

I want to continue working on In All But Blood; I've been a little depressed about it lately, since I haven't had the inspiration, and I know people who want me to continue, and I'd love to rework it a bit. But yes. I would also love to continue with QAF, and some Barty/Regulus for Harry Potter (seeing how I started a community at my own most inopportune moment...)

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