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03 March 2011 @ 08:11 pm
Choose a subject equal to your abilities...  
...think carefully what your shoulders may refuse, and what they are capable of bearing.


So, I never realized before how fucking annoying it is when people don't finish their stories. Until now, when I've found a number of ones that I desperately want finished, but they won't be. For reasons like:

What happened to How It's Gonna Be, by seperis . It was one of those wonderful stories written after a season, but before the next, so it was instantly rendered AU. And here it had such great humour, used all the characters, not just Brian and Justin--and in character, no less--and a villain who was truly villanous.

Then, there're people like soundczech, who had great, "so wrong and so right" stories like White Collar--Brian/Stockwell, which I would've skipped over, (and maybe may have made me vomit even without looking at it), if I didn't already like everything else the author wrote, and just worked with the way it was written--and just...dropped them. (Even if there are unfinished stories, go read them, they're still great. There are some definite influences.)

I don't want to end up being That Person. Dammit.

Solutions? I suppose I could just never try to write anything long, but that would put a stopper on all my dreams of actually eventually making money on my work. Or, I could write entire stories, and then post them little at a time; this is another problem, in that I have a hard enough time having incentive to finish, even with lots of love and praise.

Sometimes I wish I was more enthusiastic of a person. Maybe then I would stop putting off writing. (Yeah, I know. Excuses.)

Btw, over break I tried this new thing called being social. I didn't run off and hide by myself in my room, managed to be around people for five days. By the sixth I was on the verge of biting my mother's head off for being cheery. I don't think I've hit total social recluse status yet, but let's just hope I'm not heading there.

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated