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27 March 2011 @ 09:30 pm
Recycled meme: Fanfiction WIPs  
"Post a paragraph or a scene from as many of your fics or WIPS as you want, with no explanation attached."

I did this meme once before, almost a year ago, when I was still 100% in the Harry Potter fandom. This time it's a mixture of Harry Potter and Queer as Folk, almost all abandoned due to a strange lack of confidence.

I don't tag people; take it if you want.

Harry Potter


Regulus hurried out of the room to the stairs, his footsteps clacking loudly on the wood of the staircase. He yanked the door open to see Barty standing in the rain, looking something like a cat which had just been forced into the bath: a mixture of confused, indignant, and pathetic.

“Your elf left me standing out in the rain.”


Just over her shoulder, he saw his son remarkably still conscious, peering up from the floor. There was no defeat, confusion, panic in his demeanor; with his eyes glued to the woman and his hand pulling an oddly familiar knife from a boot, he was a predator, a young lion on the hunt.

By all means, I should just gut you and your wife, having raised a pair of traitors the way you did,” the woman was saying. “But being of noble blood, I'm going to be merciful, give you a choice. Either you die here and now, or we come find both you and Walburga, and I'll inflict my own, personal rendition of a Scold's Bridle. Do you know what that is?”

“I have a feeling you're going to tell me whether I want to know or not.”


Queer As Folk


It was these with these feelings that he first saw the magazine at the bookstore. At twenty-nine, Justin had had his own share of reviews, and even a full article to himself once, which Brian had insisted on reading aloud through his entirety—“God, Brian, stop, please!” “What? I'm allowed to be proud of my Sonny Boy.” “And are you still seriously calling me that?”—so he was intrigued when it came to seeing other people he knew in the media.


“Hey, Brian...”




“What would you do if I told you that I didn't know if the child I was carrying was yours or Michael's?”


There's a pause, and Justin's sure that Brian's trying to process what he just said. “Would you turn that shit off before it permanently damages your IQ?” he finally snaps.


“If this is the way it'll be every time we go shopping together, I'm not sure I want to."