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20 July 2011 @ 09:50 am
So I've got my apartment for next year all worked out. One less thing to worry about.

Most of my memes still seem to come from oudeteron. So here it is, with his list for me:

Comment to this post asking for a list, and I will give you five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back at me). Other people (including me~) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

Achilles/Patroclus: I actually have guilt attached to this one. Fourty-some chapters into a story, and I started to feel obligated and it blocked me. Every once in a while I try to write the next part, and it's really just not coming out. I still also attempt to draw one or the other sometimes. It never quite comes out the way I want it it. I've been trying as of late to draw men who are manlier, but it's ridiculous how fast I get frustrated with that. I did get in a discussion in one of my classes--and professors--about whether they were lovers or not, and while he made good arguments about them not being so, I will agree to disagree. Partly because he acknowledges why people think so.

The funny thing about this one is that I either have too much to say about it, or not a whole lot at all. They'll probably be connected to my master's thesis in some way, though, so I'll probably end up posting tidbits of related stuff again.

Regulus Black:
I'm so glad this one was added. I've said so many times that I love him, and I still do. And as much as I love the bad-boys (i.e. Sirius) when I find out that one has an estranged brother that we know little about, somehow I get attached to the brother. I'm not even kidding about this; and I was always a little too proud of myself for being one of those who interpreted his character mostly canonically from the first time we heard about him. Because the number of times early on in the fandom that I heard of him being characterized as Sirius' evil twin--and not in a good, sexy, fun way--is almost insulting. He's sort of become a bitchy, aristocratic, anti-social version of Hermione in my mind as of late. I can't see a Black being stupid or lacking in power, so I guess I figured he might've been the academic sort of smart, and have no real social or street smarts. Poor little idealist.

And I really should mention Regulus/Barty Jr in this; there were a pair of hardcore Regulus and Barty RPers who made me love Barty, who I previously felt indifferent-to-adverse to, who made me like him as a character, and the pairing altogether. (It makes me wonder again how much of Stockholm Syndrome is managing to find the good in people and ignore the bad.)

I remember this storybook when I was little, and the repeating line in it was "Eating the cherries, and spitting out the pits." And it was about this little girl who was telling stories, and she would draw the pictures of the people that she was talking about while she did. That's the way I've always been. Drawing and story-telling has always been connected with me, and it helps me come up with things to write. It's probably part of the reason I draw so much Harry Potter fanart; and if there was one artist who influenced me in terms of illustration, it would be N.C. Wyeth, even if Mucha has been so much more recognizable in my art in the past year or so.

Costume design: I have got to start a portfolio. Although costumes aren't what I make so much anymore, I've still been padding my income by making clothes for one of my friends. And one of the girls at work saw the Pikachu hoodie I made and asked for a Charmelion (which I should talk to her about; I'm a little hesitant, because I don't want her to end up looking like a road sign or something. And he has a horn...) This also reminds me that I should get a picture of my Reguzombie costume from last Halloween. Even though very few people understood what I was, that's okay! If I ever decide to do him again, I think I'll come up with a locket, although I don't really like the ones they have from the movies.

Queer as Folk: Are we surprised that, apparently, over half the viewers of this show are straight women? To be honest, the age gap between Brian and Justin freaked me out when I first learned about QAF. I can't remember how, but I had run into the clip where Brian fucks his client in the bathroom, and I went to read what the show was about, and I was a little like..."ehhh." But I thought Brian was hot, which was reason enough. I ended up feeling more content with the series finale than many of my fellow fans, because I am convinced Brian and Justin end up married someday--I thought non-married for a while, because they don't need rings or vows, but the NY legislation changed that-- and, as Michael says, there are many ways to live, it's okay if everyone is different. It doesn't even necessarily just portray different types of gay relationships; the fact that Deb and Carl are together, and Justin accepted (probably with Brian's help) that his mother is in a happy  relationship with a much younger man.

This fandom also sparked a lot of interests in me, as the ones I tend to work with generally do. For example, when I truly like a character, I start to wonder about the things that they do, which in this case was an interest in advertising in general. The like for it must have been already there, but I remember doing a class before I had seen the show, in which I had to try to sell something, and being pissed because it wasn't as if I was going into sales anyway. While I still hate the idea of that assignment, I am starting to think about what goes into commercials, and pay attention to what is actually going on in them. (That, and I found out one of my sister's friends went into marketing, and I know that to be good at it you need chutzpah...and that girl has bigger balls that anyone I've ever met. She kicks everyone's ass!) And this recent interest in commercialism caused me to pick up Lurzer for the first time, and I'm so glad I did! And yes, I just wrote a whole paragraph on how Brian Kinney makes me love advertising.


You know, this guy got his license picture taken with a strainer on his head. Said he was a Pastafarian. While I'm all for freedom of religion, nobody honestly worships the flying spaghetti monster. There are more appropriate ways to make a statement. Yeah, I'm a bit of a hard-ass, so what.

See you later, instigator: Tea - shinyoudeteron on July 20th, 2011 05:50 pm (UTC)
I'm going to be honest - I don't get the people who are just determined to say that Achilles and Patroclus weren't lovers. The consensus as far as I'm aware is that "they might've been and there's nothing to confirm or deny either way, so let's all eat our cake and get along", which works for me fine until someone starts axe-grinding about how they totally weren't. Then I feel obliged to argue with them instead of the happy cake-eating.

About Regulus, you know, I included him because I feel your pain when it comes to having favourite characters who mostly go unappreciated. It is also sad that the HP fandom is so quick to make judgements sometimes, especially about characters who have barely appeared in the books at all...

Haha, I only asked about QaF because I thought you might summarize some of the interesting things about it in turn, as I have no idea about this show. Out of curiosity, what's the age gap? Really just curious; I can't bring myself to be bothered by age differences between consenting adults (case in point is my current OTP, which starts its canon existence with their ages being 29/55; not that it even matters much since age is the last thing on these guys' minds most of the time).

...I thought that Pastafarian guy was a bold IRL troll, actually. XD Pretty sure it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.
MissTeacakes: showermissteacakes on July 20th, 2011 10:26 pm (UTC)
Well, we got into it because we were doing an in-depth discussion of the Iliad, and he wasn't so much axe-grinding as treating it as a topic for discussion. He's not at all self-righteous about those things.

Lol, you should have said you wanted to know! Well, the thing that got me was that, at the beginning of the series, Justin is 17 and Brian is 29; basically, Brian popped Justin's cherry, and afterward Justin is determined to make Brian love him, while Brian doesn't believe in love at all. Justin is supposed to be very mature for his age, while Brian is supposed to be very immature, but both have a lot of growing to do, Justin particularly in the first few episodes.

All the characters are based off archetypes of gay club culture (the kid coming out, the promiscuous stud, the cute comic-book geek, flaming queen, older closeted gay), as well as a pair of lesbians who, as the first episode shows, just had a baby with the help of Brian.

All the plots draw you in, and it's filled with jokes and sex and gay empowerment, as well as issues that gays would have to deal with, both in life (e.g. homophobia,) and in the club scene (e.g. drugs). Brian himself is the type of guy, on the surface, that people want to be like--rich, successful, no excuses, apologies, or regrets--and in time you start to see parts of his personality that makes him so much more human and likable. There are a few problems (mostly time line) that you learn to ignore, mostly due to their shooting schedule and location, but you learn to ignore the little things.
See you later, instigator: Luna Seaoudeteron on July 21st, 2011 02:59 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I don't mind it being a topic for discussion; it's just the "I don't believe it but I get why you others might think so" that rubbed me the wrong way here because, seriously, there's no one authority to speak of. (That said, I obviously wasn't there to judge his or anyone else's attitude, so the axe-grinding comment wasn't really aimed at anyone in particular - it's just something that I've encountered before and the debate reminded me of that.)

Thanks for that summary! I don't have much to add without watching it, so just thanks for typing it all up. XD