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27 August 2011 @ 07:17 pm
Official QAF Season 1 Profiles: Debbie & Michael  
So after a couple days of moving, and about half a day of....well, mostly sitting around doing nothing, I've ventured forth to find internet connection. I really need to find how close to my apartment I can get free internet, although there aren't really any public buildings closer than our school's student center. It's also the beginning of freshman orientation, so we'll see how crowded with freshman things will become (I've never journeyed forth during these few days before, since they're all so happy-go-lucky and full of school spirit...until they find out they have to do work.)

It does make you wonder, though, at a world where you can fit a computer in your purse (that, and the fact that you get antsy if you don't check your email at least once a day.)

Anyway! I've got my first batch of character profiles from the QAF Season 1 DVDs. I'm going to do them in pairs; If I'm not feeling too lazy, I should have the rest up tomorrow.

Debbie Novotny (the mother hen)

Besides being Michael's mom, Debbie
seems to be the defacto mother of nearly all his friends as well. As
a waitress at the Liberty Diner, she's an extra helping of
everything, from gravy and dessert, to her clothes, her wig, her
queer-pride/AIDS activist buttons, as well as her support and lover
for her son. Michael may find her a little overly supportive
sometimes, but like everyone, she knows this woman is pure of heart.
She's also a she-lion who will stop at nothing from protecting the
people she loves—especially Michael and her brother Vic.

Earliest Ambition: to own a
beauty parlor.

Favorite Color: Who can have
just one when there are so many in the Crayola box? Debbie likes 'em
all...usually at the same time.

Favorite Pastime: Handing out
with the gay boys at Woody's.

Favorite Old Time TV Character:
Lucy Ricardo—who else?

Favorite Thing to Wear: Her
button-covered vest, scrunches in her hair, and a wicked t-shirt.

Guilty pleasure: snuggling up
with a bag of chips, and liter of Diet Coke, and watching Oprah.

Things She Hates: Brie cheese—it
tastes like cum

popcorn without butter—it tastes like
cardboard, for chrissakes!

Her son not eating enough.

Anytime Vic gets sick

Prejudice of any sort...especially
against gays and lesbians.

Favorite Jeopardy! Categories:
She never remembers the categories, but that Trebek is a hottie!

The One Item That's Always in Her

Dead Person She'd Most Like to Meet:
Montgomery Clift or Judy Garland.

If Hosting a Dinner Party, Her
Guests Would Be:
Michael, David, Brian, Ted, Emmett, Vic, Justin,
Daphne, Justin's mom Jennifer, Melanie and Lindsay and Gus—and
anyone else on Liberty Avenue that was hungry or lonely. She's serve
her famous spaghetti carbonara—enough for twice to population or

When Debbie Met Brian: Debbie
met Brian when Michael dragged him home from junior high. They were
both 14. She knew that Brian was going to be trouble...but she also
knew that deep down he was a good kid who truly cared about Michael.
It wasn't going to be long before she recognized that Brian, just
like her son, was a budding queer who was struggling with his
sexuality. She also sensed that the taller, tougher boy would protect
Michael, but might also break his heart someday.

Michael Novotny (the boy
next door)

Sweet, adorable, coal-eyed, with a
mega-watt smile that could light up the world, Michael is the guy
your mom would want you to bring home—that is, if she was okay with
you being queer. The caregiver of his group, he's sturdy but with an
innocence and optimism that won't quit. He's the marrying kind...if
he'd take his mind off Brian. Brian was Michael's first...first best
friend, first person he told about being gay, first (unfinished) sex
partner, and the first person to break his heart. But Brian is always
there for Michael...and Michael will always be there for Brian.

How Michael describes himself:

How others might describe Michael: The

Best friends: Brian, Ted,

Book or magazine he couldn't live
without on a desert island:
his collection of Captain Astro comic

Favorite junk food: Lemon bars
from the Liberty Diner and Cap'n Crunch.

Favorite pastime: Buying vintage
comic books on ebay.

Guilty pleasure: The Powerpuff

Favorite thing to wear: a snug
two-tone or black T-shirt with jeans and sneakers.

Earliest ambition: To become
Captain Astro's official boy wonder, Galaxy Lad.

Favorite movies: Currently
X-Men...but loved The Sixth Sense and most of the Star Wars series.
Also loved Lady and the Tramp...but don't tell anyone.

Habits of other people that irritate
Hates it when people at work ask him about who he's

Hates it when Brian blows him off
because of a trick.

Hates it when people try to control

Hates it when people treat him like a

Hates it when his Mom is overly
supportive about his sex life.

Seven favorite Jeopardy! Categories:
Superheroes, Collectible Comics, Patrick Swayze Movies, Video Games,
Action Figures, Hits of the 80s, Serials/Cereals.

The one item that's always in his
a pre-cooked meal his mother dropped off...and
lemon bars.

When Michael met Brian: The
summer of 1985. They were 14. Brian was the tough kid nobody wanted
their kids to play with. Michael was the nice kid everybody wanted
their kids to play with. The attraction was immediate...after all
both boys understood why The Green Hornet was cooler than Spiderman.
They also knew who the X-men were the coolest. And then there was
that particular Patrick Swayze photo in People Magazine...the one
from “Dirty Dancing.”