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28 August 2011 @ 02:34 pm
Official QAF Season 1 Profiles: Lindsay & Melanie  

Lindsay Peterson (the adorable one)

Lindsay is the sweet WASP princess who was awakened from her sleep by the kiss of a beautiful civil rights lawyer named Melanie. Lindsay is usually the level-headed one in most situations, and often becomes the peacemaker between Brian and Melanie. She's sometimes torn between her love for these two strong personalities, but there is no doubt the one priority that supercedes everything is her young son, Gus. She loves being a mother.

Earliest Ambition: to be Georgia O'Keefe, Gloria Steinem and Meryl Streep.

Habits of Other People That Irritate Her: Chewing Ice
Leaving dirty underwear on the floor.
When people ask “Who's the mother?” when she and Melanie are out with Gus.
When her parents don't call and don't
seem to care about Gus.
How Melanie and Brian can push each other's buttons to create an argument in a second's time.

Favorite Old Time TV Character: Mary Richards on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

Seven Favorite Jeopardy! Categories: Modern Mommies, Art History, Women Writers, Girl Power, Painted Ladies, Oh Baby Baby, Popular Poetry.

The One Item That's Always in her Refrigerator: Homemade baby food.

If Hosting a Dinner Party, Her Guests Would Be: Melanie and Brian (at opposite ends of the table), Justin, k. d. lang, Carly Simon, Susan Sontag, and Annie Leibovitz.

Favorite Junk Food: Bear Claws

Guilty Pleasure: Showing people photos of her son.

Book or Magazine She Couldn't Live Without on a Desert Island: Gus' baby book.

~ ~ ~

Melanie Marcus (the tough lesbian)

This civil rights lawyer stands her ground, whether it's business or personal. She'll fight like hell for her family or friends. Although she can appear all business, she's also got somewhat of a sordid past involving motorcycles and wild women. Her biggest problem is that Brian, being Gus' father, will always have an overly strong influence on her home life.

Earliest Ambition: to be a notorious girl drummer for an all girl punk band.

Favorite Movies: The Matrix, Easy Rider, I've Heard the Mermaid's Singing.

Favorite Junk Food: peanut butter on Matzos.

Favorite old time TV character: Rhoda Morgenstern from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

Favorite Famous Couple: Peppermint Patty and Marcy from “Peanuts.”

Guilty Pleasure: Flipping through motorcycle magazines, fantasizing about having a brand new Harley and making Lindsay her Biker Broad.

Book or Magazine Which She Could not Live Without on a Desert Island: The New Republic or The New Yorker.

Habits of Other People that Irritate Her: People that stare at Lindsay and her when they are walking hand-in-hand or want to sneak a kiss in public.
Sexist or misogynistic men.
Anything that Brian does.

Seven Favorite Jeopardy! Categories: Biker Babes, Modern Art, Women Writers, Pretty Politicians, High on the Hog, Love that Leftist, and Hebrew Honeys.

The One Item That's Always in her Refrigerator: Reddi Wip