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08 September 2011 @ 04:03 pm
A difficult decision  
As is typical, after a period of nothing I have an over-abundance of inspiration. Which is why I've been taking forever getting anything finished. I've got three or four drawings I've started, as well as a longer story and a number of sewing projects. Yeah.

I've been considering doing the unconcievable and cutting my internet usage back to actually managing to get online every two days or so. The fact is, I don't have my own access at home; I get two minutes at a time piggy-backing off someone else's connection. Otherwise I get to go to school to do so.

Thus far, I've been carry my computer to school with me to school, but I've got so many other things to bring with me. I want to cut it back as much as possible, so I'm already using one notebook for Greek, Latin, and Classical Mythology; however, I still need all three (main) books, as well as my lunch. It's a lot of stuff to walk to school with. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I've each got one class, so it is possible to carry my computer with me without eventually putting out my back.

There are, of course, two other options: one, I get a laptop bag, which might be useful in its capacity to keep my laptop dry when it's raining (like it has been for the last three days.) Two, I could get an actual backpack, instead of a messanger bag. However, there's something about backpacks that make me think of highschool which I absolutely despise.

At least if I manage to cut back on worry about internet I'll get something done. We'll see what happens about that.