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03 November 2011 @ 07:51 pm
[Entry Title]  
So according to the Chicago Manual style, words ending in "s" officially have an apostrophe s when expressing possession. For example, it's, you have Sirius's hair. Even though, Chicago is...like...sent from Heaven, and even though I know they're trying to make it easier, I still reject this. For whatever reason, seeing that makes me want to barf. And it's not just because I'm being a complete sourpuss today, which I totally am.

Even though it's the official style, and I will reluctantly go with it for official writing, you shall never see it on my LJ.


I'm craving some good, dark!fic right now. Maybe I'll go write something for Harry Potter; we haven't seen a real dark!Sirius lately, although if I write it, I could either get really good feedback, indifference, or be bricked due to Sirius-worshiping. But I want to see a character do something that half-repulses me in its complete heartlessness.

I've also been thinking that our dear QAF fandom needs more toys. There's been a lot of vanilla sex going on between Brian and Justin lately. Ironically, it's all been really rough, frantic vanilla sex. The boys need to become more patient, and naughtier.