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08 November 2011 @ 09:46 pm
Yeah, more grad school musings  
So, I looked again at the requirements for applying to graduate school. Strangely, the University of Pennsylvania, which is an Ivy League school, is making it somewhat easier for me. One of the schools wants three recommendations from history professors specifically, as well as an "intellectual autobiography." Penn wants recs from professors related to history; basically, they're worried about me being culturally well-rounded, so if I had literature, philosophy, art, or poli-sci professors write recs, that might actually be better.

And I am officially going for history. I can do more with that than Classical Studies, I can broaden my research field, and I can probably skip learning French and choose something else. (Most American graduate schools require you to have four languages down in order to graduate; you don't necessarily have to be fluent, but you need to be able to comprehend them. And I'm sorry to those who are/love French, but it's not hugely interesting to me.) Which means I could go for a Slavic language, which might be good; it would mean that I'd have a Romantic, a Germanic, Greek, and a Slavic, and it would cover a good deal of Indo-European languages, at least in terms of perhaps looking at other similar languages and perhaps being able to guess some of them.

Now I get to go through the term papers, find a couple that are good representations of my skill, probably fix them up, and use them for my applications. I have never been so glad to have kept hard-copies of everything, because I have the comments my professors left. And I get to find another history professor that knows me well enough to write a recommendation (oddly, I've only had two that really know me.)

It's a little strange that I get enthusiastic about doing this kind of thing at ten at night...