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11 November 2011 @ 05:51 pm
Yeah, more drawings  
A long, long time ago I was writing a story based on Greek Mythology. And I mentioned that one of the characters, Medeus, needed a nice Persian Assyrian boy.

Well, I started composing a story about Medeus' culture shock when he goes back "home" and claims the throne in Colchis. And I came up with this character (as most characters would have the be original, considering how little we know about Medeus after he goes home). He was the scribe. I wasn't actually planning on making him "the one," but sometimes it's taken out of your hands.

I'm not completely content; he still looks a little old for all intents, and I'm not so sure about the curly hair. We'll see what happens while I color it. I might just scrap the whole drawing.

And, if I were to actually write something long and decent enough to be publishable, I have a feeling it would have to be self-published simply because I'd have so many drawings that I'd want to include. But really, would anyone complain about an illustrated novel?