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14 January 2012 @ 02:37 pm
A QAF idea that I wish were WIP  
I adore the BBC and PBS's Masterpiece Mystery series. And, of course, I've been watching the Agatha Christie mysteries lately.

Also, there was a story by seperis called "How It's Gonna Be", which I truly wish had been finished, in which a new character was introduced. He was evil. He gave us the chills. And, being written just post-season 3, Justin is empowered. It's amazing, and sucks you in. What's more, Seperis manages to use the other QAF characters and make them totally believable.

I really, really want to write a fic now with Brian saying [to Justin], "This is not a detective novel, and you are not Miss Marple!"

Because, really, I wish I could write something truly like dark!fic. Or, I should say, Christie-esque, Hitchcocky goodness, with death and laughs.

Still, this is how I start a story. I think of some line I want to insert somewhere in fanfic, and come up with a scenario in which I can.