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22 January 2012 @ 07:42 pm
Meme time!  
Snagged from moonbrightnites!

1. Name the character you would be on the series if you could.

I'd love to say Brian; there are so many things I can relate to him on; the fear of commitment and trouble expressing emotions more than anything (I adore his over-practicality, and I totally relate to the dealing by not dealing, too). However, I'm a little-lot too socially awkward, won't touch drugs, and am not quite sexually-charged enough. And I'm certainly not brave enough to be Justin.

I think I'd end up being Daphne. Living vicariously through the best friend who has the gay man of my dreams.

2. You must change the ending of one episode, which one and how would you change it?
Y'know, there's so many things that I wish hadn't happened, but which were necessary. I'd love to have seen Ethan just disappear before the end of season 2, but I think he was necessary for Justin to regain his sense of independence. And the stuff with the Ted and the meth truly freaks me out. I think that my choice is ultimately something to avert the whole Pink Posse disaster. I don't know what, though.

That, or Brian realizing what an ass he was being in season 5, when he was obsessing over which black shirt to wear because he "wasn't hot enough."

3. What character would be your best friend, if any?

I'm gonna say Justin. Most of my friends are artists, and I've had marker parties before, where we end up sharing our two-hundred markers and just drawing for hours and critiquing each other's work. It's good fun.

4. What quote is your favorite from the series?

"I'll miss you most of all, Scarecrow." Random, I know, but I think about the Wizard of Oz, and that Michael's friends could have actually corresponded to the characters in Oz. Which in turn leads to how they all asked for something, and the truth was that they already had it. I considered writing a "Tin Man" series of Brian, once.

I realize there are a lot of really good ones that Brian says, seeing how the man speaks in catchphrases, but I've seen them used and abused so many times by so many authors, they just make me want to barf.

5. If they did a movie based on the series, name five things that would happen in the movie if you wrote it. Also, how long after the series would this take place?

Oh Gawd. I've considered if there was a season 6, but a movie? Okay. Um....I guess a couple years later.
1) Brian and Justin would be together, either in New York or in Britin. And Brian would not have been so insecure about it as when Justin was in L.A. It would probably be in Britin, though, since I want the other original characters there, too.
2) Hunter realizes that he is not, in fact, straight. Or rather, not completely. I kinda liked when he still had the hots for Brian.
3) Emmett has an actual steady. It always made me a little sad that he had such trouble finding a beau, since he always wanted one so bad.
4) Some sort of dumb humor like they had in season 1/early season2. The kind that just made you laugh in the "wtf"? way, like what happened with "Gay as Blazes."
5) Sex! (Okay, so that'd be a guarantee. But I can't think of a last thing...it's surprisingly hard!)

6. What is one thing you hate about the show?

I mentioned a while ago that I try not to hate. But I'll say that I have two slight peeves which I manage to look over.

First of all, the landscape. My dad's family is from the Pittsburgh area, which is in the middle of the Appalacian Mountains. I think they should have either filmed in a mountainous area, or found a different city to set it in (Detroit, for example, is Pittsburgh's sister city; the only differences is that Detroit has a permanent limp because she's been through riots, and the gay community is in a neighborhood outside the city proper.)

The other thing is the carelessness with the timeline. Namely, birthdays. I'm not sure what to do with them in my fics!

7. What food or drink featured on the series is something you like or want to try?

I have been sadly lacking in the variety of alcoholic beverages I've tried. Although, I noticed that the times they've made toasts, it's often with Hypnotik, and that stuff is absolutely disgusting. WTF?

8. What article of clothing or outfit did you like the most on any character?

Brian's wardrobe was best in season 4; I spent a lot of time staring at that little bit of chest you see when he's not wearing a tie. And I'm totally hot for his dark corduroy coat, which he wears through several seasons. In terms of season 4, he wears it when he tells Debbie he had cancer.

9. Is there a song you think would have fit perfectly for a scene that wasn't featured on Queer as Folk?

I said that I've thought about a season 6; I've decided that it would open in a gay club in New York with the techno version of "Country Roads." I just feel like it would fit with the recurring theme of the season openings.

10. Name a 'star' actor/actress, singer, etc that you would like to have guest starred on the series. Or is there a very minor character you would have liked to have seen more of? What was/would their role be and why would you like to have seen them?

A few, actually: Alex Wilder (?) the therapist, with whom Brian seems to have a comfortable, casual friendship; Mysterious Marilyn, who is amazing and funny; or the couple in 504 (I think?) that Brian and Justin have sex with. I feel like the last would add a nice balance of "what's best for some people isn't necessarily for others."

11. If your favorite characters went on vacation together, (somewhere not shown in the series) where would they go, what would they do there and why do you want them to go there?

I'd like Brian and Justin to go to the Amalfi Coast. Once again, this goes back to that couple that I liked.

And that's all folks!