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26 January 2012 @ 10:08 pm
Alexander the Great!  
Despite how it's been looking lately, I do, in fact, belong to multiple fandoms. And darling moon71, whose Alexander the Great fiction I read, has just come up with something else. As of right now, the new story, The God of Death, is only posted on her ff.net page (same screen name), but I still encourage those interested to look.

And once again, I will sing her praises.

If I were to recommend only one of her stories, it would be Rediscovery.(redirects to ff.net, which is most easily navigable; however, it can also be found on her lj) It is set sometime between Alexander's marriage to Roxanna and Alexander's Indian campaign. The plot itself is completely of her own invention, and yet manages to retain its historical integrity. Granted, her Alexander is a little loopy, but then again, he's Alexander, and...well, of all the types of loopy I've seen him as, this one certainly isn't the worst.

More than that, though, are her other characters: Crateros, who gets demonized so much lately through our modern love of Hephaestion, is cast in an entirely fair light; Roxanna, who expresses slight frustration that the Macedonians won't refer to her as "Rokshanak", is not a xeno-psycho-bitch; Hephaestion, while most certainly in love with Alexander and having his best interests in mind, has more than one agenda and displays under-handed techniques; Bagoas, while not being in love with Alexander, is nonetheless loyal to his king, as well as acting as a Persian eunuch most likely would have. These characters are offset by other historical characters, as well as a charming array of original characters, mostly royal pages and servants.

Also, I'm going to add non-recommendation she's provided, because it makes me laugh:

I would not recommend Christian Cameron's "The God of War" – in the opening chapters he describes Hephaestion as a "bitch queen from hell" who Alexander only loves because he reminds him of his "evil mother." Anachronism, sexism and homophobia all in one strike! And using Ptolemy's POV, in spite of what the back blurb says, has been done at least once before. Sometimes allowing Amazon's "search inside" facility can work against an author! Ha, ha!

I have never heard of Hephaestion being described that way, much less by Ptolemy, whom I've thought was on Hephaestion's side for the most part, anyway.