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11 August 2007 @ 10:38 am
I'll probably post this on my bio, but I think I should put this before I go much farther.

My rating system is much more liberal than most peoples'. The chances of you finding me and not being a personal friend or being interested in the same things is very small. If you ARE interested in the same things, there is no way you are an innocent (Unless you are "The Buddha", but even then you know more than you let on).

So the rating system goes:
G: A few swear words. The only way "fuck" will end up there is if I wrote it and forgot.
PG: A few more swear words and mild violence. About the level that the makers of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" rated PG-13.
PG-13: The characters actually are potty-mouths, and non-graphic violence. That includes mentions of suicide, hurting oneself, etc. mentions of sex.
R: The characters are Serious Potty-Mouths, including talking about actual sexual acts, tons of swearing, graphic violence, all that jazz. I will use this rating very rarely.
NC-17: ...let's just say it's not happening in on my journal.

I ask that people who comment keep it down to a PG rating, as I don't want any surprises--and if I DO get surprised, you will be abused.
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