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31 March 2012 @ 10:42 am
Romans were horny, too!  
The term "horny" came from the classical world; fauns and satyrs were always running around kidnapping women and having sex with nymphs (and probably each other). And, despite the discrepancy over the extent of their goat-ness, they always had horns.

This information comes from my Latin teacher, who is something of a bad influence. He's taught us how to talk about having anal and oral sex (sex in Latin is orifice-specific, btw. Oddly, he didn't think to tell us how to talk about vaginal sex), how to talk about taking a shit, and what to call someone who's an idiot.I also know to refer to a bottom (in a relationship) and someone who sucks cock, with a word other than "fellator." In Roman history our professor read Catullus at the top of his lungs, and on the Ides of March he made us all get up and hail Caesar.

So...you learned something today.

Sketch (C) me

Btw, LJ notifications have been lagging. On top of that, the spammers have a hold of my email address. I woke up this morning with a two-day-old comment notification and an ad to enlarge my penis.