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20 April 2012 @ 06:06 pm
Art: Leo  
Mais hélas! qui ne sait que ces Loups doucereux,
De tous les Loups sont les plus dangereux.

I realize he's a lion, but I kept thinking of Perrault's Petit Chaperon Rouge during the finishing stages. He's got the facial expression. Every once in a while you hear a news report about someone who decided they wanted a pet lion (or other big cat), because they're a perfect combination of beauty and power, and then that person is completely disbelieving when it mauls them.

These are the last two lines to the MORALITÉ at the end of Perrault's version, in which he hints that the "wolf" is a sexual predator. (He's writing for Louis XVI's court, so it's no big surprise.)  Although not nearly so beautiful in English, the translation is:

And alas! it is these gentle wolves
Who are the most dangerous ones of all

I only know two Leos; one is my aunt, and the other a friend of mine who is an aspiring actor, and who adores finding reasons to play a host at parties.

Leo was the Lion Nemea, whom Heracles killed during his labors; he had hide that could not be pierced by mortal weapons, and claws sharper than any sword. He was also the sibling of the sphinx that Oedipus questioned on his way to the court in Thebes.

Leos are drama queens....and a queen bees. They are very extroverted, independent, strong-willed, and love being the center of attention; their love of the dramatic and insistence on being the center of attention have made some great actors out of Leo. They like being in control, and often are at their best when they are, and they won't shrink from adverse circumstances.

They tend to react badly when things don't turn out the way they want them to, and like all fire signs, tend to be quick-tempered and blunt when angry, and like all fire signs, tend to bounce back fairly quickly.

aaa_mazingaaa_mazing on April 21st, 2012 03:07 am (UTC)
I like it! Like his posture and the shade of brown you chose.

Great job!
MissTeacakes: amazingmissteacakes on April 21st, 2012 03:23 am (UTC)
I actually wasn't planning on having the whole thing brown; at one point, I was even thinking that the sky should be blue. I'm glad I didn't, now. It feels very "Africa" to me.