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10 May 2012 @ 01:04 pm
Life Stuff  
I slept till almost ten today, and I regret it now. I lost so much time out of my day.

I ended up hanging out with Sunny for a little while yesterday, and then the two of us and her boyfriend, Alex, went out to a birthday party. I didn't really know anyone there, including the girl whose birthday it was. But it was in a bar, and so was open for a lot of people. When I went to order a scotch--per Alex's recommendation--the bartender looked at me suspiciously and asked if it was for me. As if a small, twenty-three-year-old girl can't drink it.

I then remembered I hadn't eaten any lunch or dinner, ordered some chicken that I was more into the chicken wings than the scotch, which cost more XP But Alex is determined to see me drunk, since he knows that I invariably start talking about something involving sex

Now I've got a sort of part-time thing going: for the past couple years, Sunny has paid me to make her clothes which cannot be found in stores. I like making them well enough; I enjoy dressing people up, and I make stuff in order to do so. I don't like making the same thing twice, which I don't have to do, and thus far she's the only person I can trust to pay me after it's made, instead of prior to buying the material. Thus far, I've made her something like six dresses and a Pikachu hoodie.

Now I'm looking at buying a special sewing machine with my graduation money. It does a number of things that a normal machine can't, and would go a long way in helping to make clothes that look professional in quality.

Sometimes, I think I know how to do too many things. It leaves so little time in my day...