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23 April 2008 @ 08:17 pm
These past few days  
Okay, so I totally went on a Princess Tutu spree. Cause it's the cutest anime on the face of the earth, to the point where my magic-girl hating friends love it. That, and the symbolism still blows me away/ Cause one of the main characters can represent five different figures in ballet, while another represents three of those five, and yet all the characters are so different that it's amazing. It was actually symbolism that got me going again--I realized that my favorite character represents Scheherezade. There were several factors that led up to this, including the fact that he is the only character in the entire show with so foreign of a name, and I'm a classical music geek. Anyway, if you like ballet and anime (and...er...magic-girls....) I would totally recommend this show.

Every once and a while I think I might like to write something with that much stuff in it, that after a year you still have fans catching that kind of thing. But I just haven't been able to. I'll keep trying, though....

I'm almost done with my finals. I did well on my philosophy one, had to bullshit a history one (which included reading from a list of books and writing how it reflected society--I had only read Symposium, so was forced to write an essay on Greek sexuality and try not to be embarrassed that I know all this), and completely bombed my Spanish exam. It's a stupid language anyway. And I have psychology on Friday.

I was mad because I still haven't gotten my book, and I paid extra for expediated shipping, so that I got it before school ended. It's probably better this way, though. I wouldn't have even tried to look over my Spanish one last time if I had a book to read. It's bad enough that I've been stealing from charity--someone was giving away a mythology book that included different types than The Big Three (Roman, Norse, Greek), and even had the Ramayana from Indian. And they were all in short-story format. Their version of Achilles was so good that I completely forgave them for making him and Patroclus friends (actually, the context made the "Friends", if you know what a mean...) I couldn't understand why someone would get rid of that book! So I dumped some other crappy textbooks in there that I couldn't sell in exchange.

Oh, and I always forget who I get icons from. Half of them I made myself, but half are by other people who want credit, and I just always forget. But this time, I remembered!! All the Princess Tutu icons you'll see around recently are by forgottendiary, beastly_rose, mangaka_chan, and azurial. See, I was good!
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