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18 June 2012 @ 05:23 pm
WIP - "Mattress"  

I started this, and wasn't entirely sure where I was going. Basically, I asked what it would be like if the boys went mattress shopping. There's a huge chunk missing, which should connect the scenes, and I haven't decided.


“Hey, what do you think of this one?”

Like any proper furniture salesman, the voice automatically caused Mark to hone in on the pair across the aisle. A blonde teenager was sitting on a mattress, bouncing slightly. The man he was talking to was taller with brown hair, and looked to be in his mid-to-late thirties. They didn't look too similar, but he knew that appearances didn't mean they weren't relations. He headed over as the man sat down next to the teenager.

“No,” he said. “It's not very good. And I know a few things about beds.”

“I'm sure you do.”

Mark walked up to them, a smile plastered across his face. He may be relatively new to the business, but there were a few things that he knew, even without the training he'd gone through a couple weeks earlier.

“Perhaps I can help you find what you're looking for,” he said.

“You got anything more durable than this?” the man asked.

“Certainly, Mr...?” Mark trailed off, holding out his hand.

“Kinney.” He didn't take Mark's hand. The blonde looked slightly exasperated at his companion's icy demeanor, and took the offered hand himself.

“I'm Justin,” he said with a bright smile. “And that's Brian.”

Mark relaxed slightly. “I'm Mark. It's nice to meet you. If you're looking for your first bed, moving out of your parents' house...”

His eyes drifted over to the brunette—Brian, he reminded himself—whose expression got colder, with a hint of warning. Mark looked back at Justin, who suddenly got a look of apprehension. Mark was moving into dangerous territory, and was suddenly glad that he hadn't made a direct comment to Brian's age; he was repeating 'fuck fuck fuck' in his head. It must have shown on his face, though. Before either could say anything, Justin cut in.

“I'm twenty-five.” He was obviously saving Mark's skin. “But don't worry, I get that a lot—I still get carded like crazy.”

“Oh, right,” Mark gave a small, nervous laugh. “So you two are...”

“Fags,” Brian said, suddenly.

“We're buying our second first bed.” At Mark's raised his eyebrows, Justin clarified, “It's the first one we've bought together—the one we currently have, Brian had before we even met.”

Brian had an exasperated look on his face; it was one that Mark recognized as annoyance at having their life story told.

“Alright. What's your price range?”

“There is none.”

Suddenly, Justin said, “We should get a waterbed.”

Mark was hesitant, but Brian beat him to the punch. “Fuck. That.”

“They're supposed to be really comfortable.” Justin looked even more like a teenager now.

“You obviously aren't considering the percentage of time in that bed we'll actually be sleeping. It would last a week. Besides, I want something a little more firm than that.” The sarcasm in Brian's voice said that he wanted a lot more than 'a little' more firm. Mark thought maybe he was getting the measure of these two...


...“You are fucking unbelievable.”

Brian looked at his partner as he unbuttoned his coat. Justin was smiling slightly, shaking his head.

“I know.”

“That salesman was about to have a heart attack,” Justin said. “You could have been a little less intimidating. He looked like he was younger than me. I bet it was his first day.”

“Well, he'd better get used to it,” Brian said. “Besides, now he'll be ready for whatever life throws his way.”

“If this is the way it'll be every time we go shopping together, I'm not sure I want to.”