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22 June 2012 @ 07:09 pm
The Creepiest Ad You've See in a While  
This ad showed up on my email, no kidding. It's just another indicator of the weight problems in the United States.

creepy ad


In other news, I I signed up for an extra shift next week; my instant gratification-o-meter is yelling at me, but I'll be glad for the money five shifts allows me.

And a group of young businessmen (mid-twenties, maybe) came in to eat yesterday, and as they were checking out a girl went past in high-waisted, white booty shorts. One of them looks over at her and says, "Wow! I have a pair of shorts just like that at home!"

The hostesses were cracking up--the girl may or may not have been--and when she left he said, "Keep her out of the schools!" It was pretty awesome.

And I was reminded how weird Americans are about personal space; the tables in the middle of the restaurant are close together--a couple inches between parallel, two-person tables--and I seated this woman, and she insisted on moving because she wasn't comfortable eating so close to other people. In Europe they'll put you at the same table as a stranger if that's what's open, but not in America. It's so annoying when people are so picky about where they sit, especially when it's after you seat them; it's not like you have to talk to the people at the other table.

I'm working again tomorrow night, which will be nice. I don't work in the evenings often, but I'm always glad when I do. It's more relaxed, and the waitresses aren't as bitchy. Although, we're expecting the health department to come back in; they basically got us on a bunch of dumb little things (the cooler wasn't cold enough, the oatmeal not hot enough, and a bottle of window cleaner in the cleaning-products cupboard wasn't labeled) and the fact that our cooks don't wear rubber gloves.

And I'm working with Sunny, which is so much more enjoyable than other hostesses. Not that I dislike them, but she's a good friend, and she has really good work ethics, which is a great combination.