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25 April 2008 @ 08:06 pm
Okay, so a quick update: I've got my book, and I made a promise to myself that I would tell about it.

It's not very long--with its 8-point font, it's about as long as Fire from Heaven, maybe a little shorter. The author is basically pulling the same thing that I have been with In All but Blood, and skipping large chunks that they consider less important. That, and the book starts when Alexander is fourteen. It is self-published, so there is an amount of misspellings and homonym problems; however, as an experienced fanfiction reader, I have been able to pretty much look over these things. Just a warning that if anyone wants to try to do this themselves, they should real over their stuff a couple times, and if they have the courage, get someone else to look at it too, just in case.

Otherwise, I actually like it. There is sex, but it is very tastefully done--R rating, I'd say. They don't spend too much time dancing around each other and being scared of each other and all, but they don't instantly like each other, either, which is rather refreshing. Both act like young men, in that they have opinions, and have no problem voicing them (and these are about real issues, too, having to do with their lives). And their relationship isn't perfect and happy, which I feel is what keeps it as a love story, but not a romance novel. They have other things to think about than screwing, and have differences of opinions and will argue with each other.

So far, I would say that if you can look over the grammatical problems, it's a pretty good book.
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