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28 August 2012 @ 03:37 pm
I started a new dress for Sunny today, with her newest cat, Esther, looking out of the pocket. I've already done one of ther other two, so this would complete the set.

I also saw two--make that two and a half--movies today.

First, Captain America, which I quite liked. Marvel connected all their movies, and it set it up for The Avengers. This means that Howard Stark (Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is his son) was heavily involved. There was a quite "prologue" and "epilogue" set in modern day, and everything else was set in the forties and had a sepia-feel to it. And, of course, the villian drove up in a Nazimobile in the first ten minutes. I suppose Captain America was a little like Superman in his perfection (he doesn't like bullies, no matter where they're from), only not quite as obnoxious. Anyway, Hugo Weaving's German accent wasn't very good, but it's okay. Tommy Lee Jones was in it, and even though he plays the same character in all his movies, sometimes that's best.

Ironclad was in the middle ages, which I've obviously been digging lately. It was a pretty typical Unwashed Hero film; a knight templar leads a revolt against King John, holds a fortress against all odds. The heroine wore some outfits that were a bit beyond belief, but that's all part of the genre, and she was in an unhappy marriage to an impotent old man, so when the hero shows up looking all tall, dark, and sweaty, of course she falls head over heels. And he breaks his vows long enough to fuck her. But then, once again it's part of the genre. And how many people can actually resist the allure of an Unwashed Hero? (In theory, that is. Not many people stop to think what is entailed in metting him. Namely his odor.)

In all, it wasn't such a bad movie, though.

And the last half of Valkyrie. There's something a little weird about seeing Tom Cruise play eye-patched Nazi. Especially considering they all spoke like Americans. Except the one general, who was a Brit, even though I'm not sure that's worse than the fake on in Captain America. In the end, it's another Hollywood psuedo-history.