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18 May 2013 @ 08:41 pm
All Quiet on the Home Front  

Aside from packing my life up and moving, that is.

I was all worried, because of my schedule and all. Well, my paycheck was unusually big last week--twice as much as usual--and I couldn't figure out why. I had Sunny look at it, and she said, "You didn't factor in your vacation pay, did you?"

"What? What vacation pay?"

"Every year you get one week's worth of paid vacation, whether you took the week or not."

For a part time, minimum wage job, this company takes such good care of us--retirement accounts, medical insurance, paid vacation, Christmas bonuses, a birthday gift. Not to mention that, a couple times, I've seen coworkers pitch in to help out in times of emergency; a couple months ago, one of the waitresses had her father pass away, and everyone pitched in what money they could to help with her missing a week of work.

Anyway, I have a couple drawings, too.

A while ago I did what I called a "Forces of Nature" series of fanart, and I finished another set of four. I'm not really that fond of these drawings, especially considering that I'm not fond of the characters. But I said I was going to do all of Schreiend, and I did. I have to finish Weiss next, but I've been struggling with the first one for two days. I fucking hate drawing Japanese faces, since I'm so bad at it....

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