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14 May 2008 @ 11:59 am
Ah, the irony....  
So yes, I am having a very ironic day. For one, it's cold and rainy, but I have been recommended a job at three different yacht clubs, courtesy of my parents' boss. So I have to go apply at some point today.

But a good amount comes from Troy. There are a lot of things that bug me. Like the fact that no matter what they're wearing, be it their "casual" clothes (which, if you've noticed, are two-piece and have long skirts) or their armor (tell me that Brad Pitt's leather armor wouldn't chafe without anything underneath), whenever they lift one or both arms their bellies show.

However, as many ways as I can imagine to fight, somehow spear-fights have never clicked in my mind. I know how to kill people with spoons (courtesy of Titus, which is quite possibly the most cracked-out Shakespeare!movie ever, which I somehow still like...) But no, I can't see spears in my mind. So I ended up watching for the spear-fights.

Also, movie!Patroclus is the cutest thing ever. You don't want him to die, simply cause he's so adorable. And Achilles is such a jerk to him! The irony being partly that he is younger. And somehow, he's more like what I imagined a younger Achilles to be like, only not quite--the sort of pouty expression that he gets whenever Achilles says he's not allowed to fight is the expression I imagine Achilles to have whenever he's whining. And y'know how you can never find the book you want when you need it, but the moment you don't anymore, there it is, right on your desk? That's what's about to happen to me, I know it.

I was talking about it to someone, and I mentioned that Brad Pitt makes Achilles out to be even more stupid than he already is. She asked, "When has Brad Pitt ever played an intelligent character?" I could only think of once, and that was Fight Club. I am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise. My mom both agree that he's a good actor, and I will never deny it. But she has described him as a dumb blonde, and I concur.

Btw, I've made a valiant attempt to draw Achilles. Several times. We'll see if I ever put them up. I'm also halfway through the next chapter.
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