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23 June 2013 @ 12:40 pm
Am I A Geek? Yes.  
Do I care? Not really.

I'll admit to being excited about the next Thor movie. Sif kinda looks like she's gonna be a bitch in this one, but I don't much like her feminist bullshit, anyway.

And I don't like Loki's new haircut, but it's okay, cause Marvel is up playing his ambiguous nature: he's gone from being tragic supervillain in the first Thor and The Avengers to being an antihero. (There are rumors about him being an antihero in The Avengers 2, also.) And any villain who turns himself into a woman on multiple occasions is just awesome. (Lady Loki in the movies would never happen, but it would still be fucking sweet.)

And of course, there's Thor. He's big and blond. Not much else to say. (Sara is obsessed with Chris Hemsworth...)