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21 November 2013 @ 12:57 pm
Horror Movie Post  
I may or may not be addicted to horror at this point. Either way, I've been watching a lot of them lately. So I thought I'd make a movie post.

But first:

I'm the second.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

An American remake of a Spanish TV movie, it's based off the folklore, and the belief that faeries are neither good nor bad. In this version, every time they emerge, they have to take a person to replenish their number. They also eat children's teeth. It's really a beautiful movie without being too scary; there are one or two gory parts, but it's far from being gore porn.

It does have a common horror movie cliche--that is, the father doesn't believe everyone telling him there's a problem. And it demonstrates two lessons that I've learned from this type of movie: listen to the kid, and heed the warning of the old, scary caretaker.


A totally different take on ghosts; it starts with a guy who killed his wife, and runs off with his kids, ending up in an abandoned house, where he intends to kill them. However, there's a ghost there with strong maternal instincts, so she kills the father and starts taking care of the children as it were. Two years later, their uncle finally finds them, although they've grown kinda feral in the meantime.

And unlike the last movie, the male influence in the movie is paying attention to what they're saying and doing, and intends to go forth and figure everything out. It's totally creepy, and you're not sure how it'll resolve--and not entirely sure how you want it to resolve.

The Woman in Black

It's been forever since a movie creeped me out this much. It's a British movie featuring a haunted mansion, which really seems to be common thread in British horror; however, I find this to be less of a cliche than sticking to what they're really good at--no one knows haunted mansions the way the British apparently do. In this case,

It's also part of Daniel Radcliffe trying to break away from his role as Harry Potter, and the status of being a child star that comes with that. He really does a good job at it, too.

The Conjuring

I actually just saw this movie last night; I've been waiting for it to come out in the Redbox, since everyone was talking about how scary it was.

Truthfully, it was no more scary than The Woman in Black. However, it had it's moments of things popping out, and I sat there a few times telling the characters not to go in places. I don't want to say it was predictable, but its "based on true events" status (whether it actually was or not) left it somewhat lacking in originality of signs of the haunting. Sure, it was based in the sixties, when everyone didn't know that dogs can sense evil in houses. But still.

That, and they tried to inject a motive into all of it, like the ghost was a serial killer. I think that took away a lot of the aspect of scares, actually. I can't tell you why I want nightmares about this shit--why does anyone?--but I would've liked it better if there was no rhyme or reason.

Although, now it sounds like I didn't like it, which isn't really true; it was a good movie, and I'd recommend watching it if you're looking for a few good scares.

Alexanderashmedai on November 21st, 2013 08:16 pm (UTC)
Heh - I'm the second too, especially when the Chrismas crap starts appearing in September.

Those movies sound intriguing. I love a good spooky story.