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19 May 2008 @ 10:55 am
Suitors of Helen  
Okay, here's the full list of Helen's suitors:

Odysseus son of Laertes
Diomedes son of Tydeus
Antilochus son of Nestor
Agapeno son of Ancaeus
Sthenelus, son of Capaneus
Amphimachus, son of Cteatus
Thalpius, son of Eurytus
Meges, son of Phyleus
Amphilochus, son of Amphiaraus
Menestheus, son of Peteos
Schedius and Epistrophus, sons of Iphitus
Polyxenus, son of Agasthenes
Peneleos, son of Hippalcimus
Leitus, son of Alector
Ajax, son of Oileus
Ascalaphus and Ialmenus, sons of Ares
Elephenor, son of Chalcodon
Eumelus, son of Admetus
Polypoetes, son of Perithous
Leonteus, son of Coronus
Podalirius and Machaon, sons of Aesculapius
Philoctetes, son of Poeas
Eurypylus, son of Evaemon
Protesilaus, son of Iphiclus
Menelaus, son of Atreus
Ajax and Teucer, sons of Telamon
Patroclus, son of Menoetius

Telamon Ajax was "Ajax the Greater". I believe he was older, and he was big. And less of a jerk than Ajax the Lesser. I think it was the Lesser that tore Cassandra away from the shrine of Athena, and I know it was the Greater that protected Patroclus' body. (...I believe...)

Odysseus technically doesn't belong on the list--he gave up the rights to suitorship when he fell in love with Penelope. I'm not even sure why he was made to fight...