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19 June 2014 @ 07:34 pm
Dark Side LJ Meme  
Taken from ashmedai

Ah, the dark side of LiveJournal. There are so many dysfunctional people talking about their wretched lives that occasionally you wonder how they get through a day without groping for the razor.
But everyone has a dark side. Sometimes, you reveal a little too much; other times, you just need to vent. Sometimes you fall in love. The Psychodrama of LiveJournal, "How many people do you drag, kicking and screaming, into your neuroses?"

Everyone does it a little. Don't be ashamed. Answer true, my friend.

Written a post just to stir up controversy? I'm sure I have. As much as I pretend to, I like a little controversy
...and wish you hadn't? Most likely.
Posted something publicly, then thought better of it and locked it? No. If I post something then regret it, I delete it entirely.
Posted something privately, then thought better of it and unlocked it? No. I don't post anything online anywhere that I don't want the world to know about. I've seen one too many Law & Order episodes to do otherwise.

Been insulted in a post by someone who you did not know and were not aware of? Most likely. It's a hazard of joining communities.
...and had people leap to your defense? I can't say for sure, since I'm not entirely sure. See how much I remember.

Posted an entry about how depressed you were? Most definitely.
...and about how generally helpless you were to combat that depression? Again, yes. But it was always in hindsight, actually. Apologizing for sounding so angsty, and I'm sorry but I have Bipolar Disorder, and there's only so much I can do about that.
Written a post that complained about your life, then finished it off with something like, "But I don't wanna hear about how I'm whining. I know I'm whining. Don't yell at me"? Again, most likely.
Written a post that complained about your life, then apologized for complaining about your life in that very same post? I'm sure I have, but in a more roundabout way. Like, "skip this if you don't want to hear whining."

Posted an apology for an angry post you had written on LJ, saying you didn't mean it and/or you shouldn't have done it? I'm not positive, but it doesn't really sound like my style. I'm more likely to vent, delete, then say, "Post? What post?"
Deleted a post because it was causing drama? Most likely, but that would've been back in the day.
Chronicled the slow disintegration of a major part of your life (relationship, school, relatives) over the course of several posts? Yes. In a previous LJ account. It's a part of my life I've steadfastly left behind.
...despite the fact that you had friends posting replies telling you not to do whatever it was that was causing that portion of your life to disintegrate? Mm...I'm not sure it was anyone's fault, per se.

Written more than three consecutive posts that informed everyone how miserable you were? No.
...more than five? Um...
...more than ten? I try not to post more than one time in a day, and I'm never miserable for long enough to have consecutive posts about it. Or if I am, I'm not doing anything at all, much less going on LJ.

Mentioned your suicidal impulses in a LiveJournal post? I am happy to say I've never been suicidal.
...and then backtracked quickly so people wouldn't call a shrink on you? No.
...and gotten really upset when people took your dangerous behavior seriously? In the event that I ever do post that I'm suicidal, I won't be angry at anyone for taking me seriously. More likely I'll be relieved. Because I don't fake that shit.
Had someone post a reply that told you that you had to cut this melodramatic shit out? Not that I remember. Which must be a sign that I'm not doing too much wrong.
...and they didn't know you aside from LiveJournal? Nope.
...and your real life friends agreed with him or her? It's been many a year since anyone IRL read my LJ, so I don't entirely know.

Written nastily about a person who was not on LiveJournal? Oh, Hell yes.
....and they found out? Read two answers above. Unless you count in high school. A friendship that was inevitably lost.
...and they found out, and it led to real life drama? Again. Honestly, though, when I complain it's to EVERYONE, so people don't need to read LJ to know when I'm upset.
...and it was a co-worker who found out? No.
...and it was a relative who found out? No.
...and it was your significant other who found out? Never had a boyfriend long enough to consider him a "significant other." But either way, no.
...and it was your boss who found out? No.

Written a thinly-veiled attack upon someone who you did not mention by name? Sure.
...and had them recognize themselves anyway? No.
...and they recognized themselves, and left a response in your entry? No.
...and they recognized themselves, and wrote a thinly-veiled attack at you in their LiveJournal? Again, no.
...and they didn't recognize themselves, and left a response to your entry that said, "Boy, I hate people who do that"? I would laugh my ass off. I really would.

Written an open attack on someone in LiveJournal who reads you? By George, I think I have.
...and didn't give a crap what they thought? Apparently not.

Created a new journal just to hide from someone? Um...I'm not sure my new LJ was meant to hide, just to get a new start. Unless we're talking about hiding my love for smut from my parents. I'm not sure they don't know, but still.

Written an angry, bitter screed about your significant other that would cause a fight if they saw it? Once again, no significant "significant others" worth mentioning.
Begged an ex-significant other to come back in your journal? I'm the heart breaker. Not the guys I attempt to date.

Referred to someone in your journal by everything but their real name? Does it count if I didn't know their real name? Or if I called them by a false name, and then they legally adopted it upon applying for a sex change? Then the answer is yes.
Made a "joke" post ("I'm removing all the fags from my friends list") and had people take you seriously? I hope not. I try to be obvious when I attempt sarcasm.
...and then claim, "Well, you guys have no sense of humor"? No.

Gotten into a real-life argument as a result of a post? Yes. Maybe someday I'll be able to talk about that time in my life.
Broken up with someone you were dating and unfriended them? No.
...and lost an entire cadre of other friends in the process? I don't have friends that would do that.

Had someone threaten to take away your LiveJournal? How would that work?
...seriously? Why ask a question, then ask a second time to make sure they weren't lying?
...and had it lead to a major argument because dammit, your LiveJournal wasn't the problem? Um. No.

Had a flirty relationship with another LJ user? ...I don't want to talk about it.
...and had it interfere with another real-life relationship? Read above.

Had a troll come in and insult you anonymously? No, oddly enough. Considering all my art and fics are open for the public.
Disabled the "anonymous reply" feature in order to avoid trolls insulting you? Eh, whatever. I've never had someone/a group that obsessively hating of me to need to.
Tracked an IP address from an anonymous reply in order to stop someone from harassing you? Like I said, never had someone that obsessed with me.
...and had it turn out to be someone you knew? No.

Been blocked from someone's journal for stalking or harassing them? LOL! It takes me two weeks to get up the nerve to talk to someone for the first time, and then I reply here and there. I'm a NOTORIOUS lurker. So obviously, no.
Blocked someone from your journal or dropped out of a community that offended you? I don't join offensive communities. And one person isn't enough to scare me away from an entire group.
...along with a post or reply explaining precisely why you were blocking and/or dropping them? Nope.
...and that post included an opening sentence that was something like, "I have no choice but to drop or block you because..."? Why would I apologize? And I'm more likely to just run and never talk to a creep like that again, anyway.
Deleted your journal just because you couldn't take it any more? Oddly enough, no. That other journal could very well still be out there. If LJ didn't delete it for inactivity.
...and undeleted it later because it turns out you could? No.

Reported someone to LJ Abuse? No.
Been reported to LJ Abuse? Um. No.
Knowingly posted a nasty reply anonymously even though you had a valid LJ account? I've been tempted. But I won't troll like that.
Created an LJ account specifically to troll? No. Those are the worst type of people.

Deliberately posted as someone else because they forgot to log off of their computer? I know I can be underhanded, but I'll never be that bad.
Deleted a reply because it was causing too much trouble? Yes, if only in my mind.
...only to have the person repost it just to irritate you? No.
Left someone on your friends list only because it would create too much trouble to take them off? No. If I want to disappear from someone's life, especially online, I damn well will.
...and created a filter you used by default so you wouldn't have to read them? No.

Had friends-only posts that got forwarded to people who weren't on your friends list? Who knows. I don't really care that much, in all honesty. Like I said, I try not to post something I don't want the world to know.

Added someone to your friends list in the pathetic hope of seeing them nude? I can't think of any specific person I want to see nude.
...and been successful? N/A.
Added someone to your friends list in the pathetic hope of sleeping with them? Nope.
...and been successful? N/A.

Been talked to at work or gotten poor grades at school because of your blogging activities? Well...not specifically. I got bad grades in high school because I was bored and didn't much care. If it wasn't LJ, it would've been any number of other things.
Been fired or flunked out because of your blogging activities? No. I was never THAT bad.

Gotten a LiveJournal crush on someone solely due to their writings, even though you have no idea what they look like? I'm sure I have at some point.
Had someone develop a LiveJournal crush on you, even though they had no idea what you look like? I have a hard time recognizing when people are attracted to me.
Had an unrequited crush upon another LJ member, who didn't know about it and wouldn't care if they did? I'm not sure. Although, any crush I developed would've been secret.
...and you still got jealous when they flirted with someone else? What? No.