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01 December 2015 @ 08:41 pm
When the Cards say "FUCK YOU~!"  
The other day, I found a project I was working on about two years ago, and I read through the little bit I had, and thought, "This ain't bad. It has its issues, but it's not bad."

So I pulled it out, and started thinking how to overhaul it. But I got stuck. So then I decided that maybe I should just put it away and work on something totally different with the same protagonist. And I had the brilliant idea that, in order to get rid of whatever headcanon I had floating around, I would use some tarot cards in a very traditional way as a story-telling device.

I didn't want to mess with the energy of my normal cards (letting superstition get to me? Maybe a little) so I pulled out a spare deck--a Pagan Cats deck that had been a gift, and I can't seem to take entirely seriously. And I pretended I was doing a standard reading for a friend.

And I got exactly what I had been writing. I swear, I had Cee-lo Green going through my head. And it was spooky enough to me to have to share.

I kinda just want to go through and do a "reading" for all the characters, now. Maybe I can get this shit straight in my head.