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03 June 2008 @ 11:32 am
A little bit extra...  
Okay, so this is a chunk of an extra chapter I wrote, of just after Thetis left.. The whole thing is starting to fill up, and I'm up to 61 pages, now.


As the sun began to rise, he headed back toward the house. In Thetis' rooms, Achilles was beginning to cry as he realized his mother wasn't there. Patroclus walked in and picked up his cousin, but still Achilles didn't quiet. After some time of this, one of the servants, Althaea, came in from her room to the side of Thetis'. She frowned as she saw the boy standing there with the child in his arms.

“Where's the mistress?” she asked.

“I don't know,” Patroclus said. “...she left.”

“Why would she do that?” She walked over and pulled Achilles out of Patroclus' arms.

He paused and said, “Dunno.”

Althaea tutted and bounced Achilles. Patroclus frowned as he realized that she just didn't get it. The fact that Thetis was gone went past her, like it was absolutely impossible that a woman could leave her child. It was hard, no doubt about that, but never impossible. After a while, Achilles seemed to realize that no matter how hard he cried, Thetis wasn't returning. Instead, he squirmed in Althaea's arms, trying to get to Patroclus, who was sitting by the window.

He finally yelled, “Pat-clus!” He wasn't quite able to pronounce his name yet.

Althaea sighed and brought the child over to Patroclus. “Here,” she said, handing Achilles to him. “Maybe you can quiet him.”

Achilles clutched at his chiton and buried his face in Patroclus' chest, sniffling. Patroclus wasn't entirely sure what to do, so he just sat there holding the little boy and rocking him gently. This seemed to work fine, and after a while his breathing slowed as he fell asleep.


Peleus took the news worst of all. He simply refused to believe she was gone at all. Meals continued to be cooked to include Thetis, and he ordered her rooms to always be ready for her return. He talked of what they would do when she returned

Then came the anger, which was perhaps worse than the denial. When he was spoken to, he would snap back. He could barely even look at Achilles, so Patroclus, to whom Achilles had attached himself, spent most of his time on the beach watching over Achilles as he played. From time to time he would go into the village itself, carrying Achilles whenever he got too tired. Whenever he saw Peleus alone, the man was praying to the gods for her to return, and he would tiptoe past, not wishing for the anger to rise up again and be directed at him.

And as suddenly as the anger came, it was gone. It was as if Peleus had lost all the energy to be so. Instead, he would look at Achilles and sigh regretfully, then continue on his way. Patroclus thought that, as slow as it was in coming, Peleus would soon recover from the shock. He wrote to his father, telling him this. As always, Menoetius told him not what he would like to hear, but what was the truth:

It will be hard for him, and I worry about the effects of having Achilles will have on him. While he needs to remember Thetis and what she gave him, it won't do to remind him constantly. This is not like what happened when your mother died—it wasn't her choice to leave the two of us alone, and so it was a comfort to be able to see you every day.

On the other hand, Peleus feels that Thetis has rejected him and their life together, and has every right to think that.

I think what you and Achilles need is a steady-minded man, who can give you sound advice, and I don't think Peleus is in any condition to do that for you. I shall put some thought into this.

I love you, and wish you the best of health.


Later, Patroclus would realize that he probably should have put some more thought into his father's words.


Anyway, thoughts on it are always nice.

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See you later, instigator: Remus/Sirius1 (the_8th_square & teh_indyoudeteron on June 4th, 2008 08:02 pm (UTC)
Aww... interesting "backstage" piece. I like Peleus's reaction, that just seems real to me. And the letter works ridiculously well put at the end like that. ^_^
MissTeacakes: sagwamissteacakes on June 4th, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC)
Well, it ends up being part of my accidental lineage for him. Sthenele, Patroclus' mother, is the niece of Pheonix, so that's where he comes in. And Phoenix's father was Amyntor o.O

I have it all written out somewhere...