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14 February 2008 @ 09:52 am
Coming up on Valentines Day....  
It would be so completely stupid for me not to do something for Valentine's day. I have two Sex....er, Love Gods, and so many couples it's not funny. That, and I've been drawing Niko's daddy a lot, trying to get him right. He started out as a side-character with an insano back story, but now he's got his own little epic. It's what comes of being about 8,000 years old.

Anyway, I'll get that stuff up soon. Probably. Heh.

OH! This is only vaguely related but....yesterday I talked to my ex, and when I complained that my western civ teacher skipped about 2,000 years of Greek history, he said "Well, that stuff doesn't matter." Then he went and told me that I was pronouncing "phalanx" wrong, and that what I was talking about was really something completely different before snickering at some pervy joke (btw, he's an anthropology major). And I actually doubted my facts, and when I looked it up I was f*cking right. I'm going to slap him when I see him, and if he ever tells my I'm wrong about Classical history again, or tells me that my stuff doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, I'm going to personally crucify him! ....What a thing to say on Valentine's Day!

....It's related cause of the recent restrengthening of my obsession. And my western civ teacher keeps alluding to 300, cause it's what people know. And while the stuff he alludes to are pretty accurate, as a whole that movie made my Inner Geek scream in pain. And I can't imagine how badly that leather chafed in the rain scene o.O
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